Business Majors may choose from one of twelve Specializations or the Business Management program (offered only at regional campuses). Specializations provide students with a selection of in-depth courses to enhance their degree with a focus on a specific area of study.

Select a specialization to learn about course requirements, career paths, and extracurricular opportunities. For General Business program information, visit the Regional Programs page.


The design and implementation of financial and cost accounting systems, both budget and actual.

Business Management 

The BSBA is designed for individuals who wish to pursue careers in small to medium companies, in government, or in non-profit organizations in which one is expected to assume multiple roles and functions (only offered at regional campuses).

Aviation Management

Safe, efficient management of aviation and the development of new products and techniques for the aviation industry.


The art of predicting how different economic entities will respond to changes in policies and external forces.


The study of how to allocate scarce resources over time, in order to satisfy people's consumption preferences.

Human Resources

Recruiting, training, utilizing and maintaining qualified work forces, both in industry and government.

Information Systems

The art of applying information technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of business processes.

International Business

Understanding and participating in worldwide production and distribution activities.


The design and manipulation of systems for the movement of products from points of production to points of consumption.


The conception, promotion, and physical distribution of goods and services to satisfy the economic needs of society.


The activities related to producing and managing an organization's goods and services.

Real Estate

The application of economic trends, business trends, zoning laws, financial services, and knowledge of urban society to meet the needs of parties buying or selling property.


Providing recommendations for and management of measures taken to reduce the risk of damage to physical assets, exposure to legal liability, or injury to employees or customers.

Special Area

The "Special Area" option is designed for students with a well-defined interest not represented by one the 12 BSBA program specializations.