Undergraduate Programs
Second Specialization


Students interested in pursuing a second specialization should keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Only one area of specialization is required to fulfill requirements for the BSBA degree. Second specializations are optional, however not guaranteed.
  • Pursuing a second specialization will likely increase time to finish degree.
  • Students who choose to pursue a second specialization are not guaranteed enrollment in course work for a second specialization.
  • Students who choose to pursue a second specialization are advised to complete one specialization before beginning their second specialization. Students must submit a “Change of Specialization” request to an academic advisor to change specializations via email or in an appointment prior to the change of specialization deadlines (Jan. 31, June 1, Sept. 15). 
  • Every admission cycle, there are specializations that are competitive. The GPA to get into specializations fluctuates with each applicant pool.
  • Specialization designations do not appear on the diploma. Only “Bachelor of Science in Business Administration” appears on the diploma along with any formal honors designations. Specializations do appear on the transcript and other University academic records.

Students interested in completing a second specialization should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss the second specialization policy.