Kieran York "Chip" is in his fourth year at Fisher teaching the Consulting concentration under the Industry Immersion program of Fisher ULEO.  After graduating from OSU in 1995, Chip founded, grew, and sold a fundraising software firm as well as holding technical practitioner roles related to database development (MS Access, SQL, VBS) and infrastructure management (MS NT, Novell) for Siemens.  Over the next twenty years Chip held increasingly responsible roles in global technology consulting firms based in both Western Europe and South Asia.  He has managed organizations with a downline of up to 200+ employees and has overseen P&L up to the 40M p.a. level.  Together with his high performance team members he has captured over $2B in total contract value under large scale long term operational outsourcing agreements with Global 2000 ranked clients.

Outside of his lecturer role in Fisher, Chip currently manages the Americas Region Growth Alliances group for a $9B global systems integrator.  His classroom time in the Consulting Immersion Lab (BUSADM3630.06/BUSADM3632.06) is his most cherished vocation.

His current areas of research interest are:

  • Ethical Business Consulting
  • Future Models of Strategy and Operational Consulting

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
Information Technology


The Ohio State University, Knowlton School City & Regional Planning, B.A. by PSP, 1995



BUSADM 3630.06 - Business Industry Cluster
Exploration of current interdisciplinary best business practices in industry. Students will work across business specializations to learn strategy and implementation details from current industry professionals. Prereq: Admission to Business Industry Cluster Program, or permission of instructor.
BUSADM 3632.06 - Business Industry Cluster Project Experience
Hands-on experience in the execution of industry business practices to fill a need articulated by an operating public or private organization. Prereq 3630.06, and enrollment in Business Industry Cluster Program; or permission of instructor.