Patricia West

Associate Professor of Marketing

Marketing & Logistics


Professor West is currently Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.  

Professor West’s research focuses on consumer learning and “smart agents.” In particular, she studies how to elicit consumer preference and assist buyers in the decision-making process. Her work also examines the use of neural networks in predicting consumer choice. Professor West has published her work in the Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science and Marketing Letters. She has been awarded several University of Chicago fellowships, the Hillel J. Einhorn Memorial Fellowship and a 1997 Journal of Consumer Research Robert Ferber Award.

Areas of Expertise


  • Consumer Behavior


  • PhD, University of Chicago
  • AM, University of Chicago
  • BA, Elmhurst College


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West, Patricia M. (1996), “Predicting Preferences: An Examination of Agent Learning,” Journal of Consumer Research, 23 (June), 68 – 80. Winner of the Robert Ferber Award for the best article based on a dissertation.


  • BUSML 4201 - Consumer Behavior

    Examines how and why people behave as consumers. Its goals are to provide an understanding of consumer behavior and to provide experience in the application of this knowledge to marketing management and social policy decision making. Prereq: 3250 (650), and AcctMIS 2200 (211), 2300 (212), and BusMGT 2320 (330), 2321 (331); and BusMHR 2291 or 2292 (BusADM 499.01). Not open to students with credit for 750.

  • BUSML 4231 - Promotional Strategy

    Examines how marketers utilize promotional campaigns to enhance marketing efforts. The tools needed to design, evaluate and analyze effectiveness of promotions, sponsorships, events and branded entertainment programs are explored. Prereq: 4201 (750), 4202 (758), and BusMHR 2292 (BusAdm 499.01), or equiv. Not open to students with credit for 755.