Martin  Schwalbe

Martin Schwalbe

Director of Growth & Learning

Executive Education

Marketing & Logistics


Marty is a member of the Fisher adjunct faculty and teaches in our MBA and Executive Education programs with a particular focus on advanced branding strategy.

Marty’s experience comes from the practical side where he spent 30 years working in the advertising and digital marketing industry, 15 of those as Chief Strategy Officer. The agencies that Marty worked for—both independent agencies, and members of large global networks—were where marketers frequently turned for leadership in creating and implementing powerful strategies to drive their business growth.

Marty’s perspective on brand strategy puts the focus, first and foremost, on establishing collaborative relationships between marketers and their customers. Furthermore, his advanced view of brand reveals how marketers must move past the traditional principles of brand strategy to effectively engage with customers in a marketplace now dominated by digital technologies, social media, and new consumer behaviors.