Michael Leiblein is a professor with expertise in competitive strategy, organization, and innovation. His research describes the resource allocation & organizational strategies firms can use to improve innovation activity and economic performance. Michael's work has received several international research awards, been published in a variety of top tier academic and practitioner outlets, and is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.

Leiblein's teaching and consulting activities focus on issues relating to competitive and innovation strategy. His MBA and executive teaching includes courses on competitive strategy, innovation strategy, and innovation management. His consulting activities include clients in the US and Europe on projects associated with the identification of competitive advantage, evaluation of technical project portfolios, and outsourcing decisions. He has won multiple core MBA teaching awards.

Michael currently serves on the editorial and advisory boards of the Strategic Management Journal (since 2004), the Academy of Management Review (since 2005), the Journal of Management Studies (since 2013), as an inaugural member of Strategy Science (since 2013), and as an advisory panelist for the National Science Foundation. He has previously served as an associate editor for the Journal of Management, as chair of the Strategic Management Society's competitive strategy interest group, and as an executive committee member of the Academy of Management's BPS division. In addition, he serves as a co-director for OSU's multidisciplinary Food Innovation Center and as the academic director of The Ohio State Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Michael is licensed as a certified engineer in the state of New York and has worked in the private sector for Johnson Controls and Andersen Consulting. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and sightseeing through the American Northeast and Southwest.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Outsourcing
  • R&D
  • Resource Based View
  • Transaction Cost Theory
  • Real Options Theory
  • Behavioral Learning
  • Organizational Economics
  • Survival Models
  • Discrete Choice Models
  • Causal Modeling


  • PhD, Purdue University, Krannert Graduate School of Management
  • MBA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


  • BUSMHR 7461 - Technology and Innovation Strategy

    How technology strategy may lead to creation/persistence of competitive advantage. In contrast to core strategy course, provides series of strategic frameworks for managing high-tech businesses. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA, WPMBA, MLHR, MHRM, SMBA, or MAcc program, or permission of instructor.

  • BUSMHR 2400 - IBE Competitive Analysis Seminar

    Students will develop and apply a series of conceptual models that illustrate interactions between competitive strategy and patterns of technological, market and competitive change. Models will provide means to consider which firms benefit from market change, why existing firms fail to incorporate innovation in a timely manner and the types of markets in which a given firm should invest. Prereq: Admission to the Integrated Business and Engineering major.

  • BUSMHR 3400 - IBE Innovation Management Seminar

    Provides students the opportunity to apply basic competitive analysis theories/tools to analyze "real-world" firms. Prereq: 2400.