Howard J. Klein is a professor of management and human resources in the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Professor Klein received his B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota in psychology, his M.B.A. from Michigan State University in human resource management, and his Ph.D. degree in organizational behavior and human resource management from Michigan State University.  His research interests center on the commitment, motivation, and performance of individuals and teams through the study of workplace commitments, socialization, goal setting, training, and performance management. Professor Klein has authored more than 60 articles and book chapters and made over 75 presentations at scholarly conferences on these and other topics. He has also edited a book on Commitment in Organizations. His articles have been published in outlets including the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Personnel Psychology and, according to Google Scholar, have been cited over 10,500 times. Professor Klein has received multiple awards each for his research, teaching, and service. He teaches courses in talent aquisition, training and development, HR analytics, human resource management, organizational behavior, and research methods at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. Professor Klein is Editor-in-Chief for Human Resources Management Review and serves, or has served, on several other editorial review boards including the Academy of Management Discoveries, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Personnel Psychology. He is a past Chair of the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management and served on the Board of Directors for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation and was Board Chair. Professor Klein is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.




Areas of Expertise

  • Employee Motivation
  • Goal Setting and Goal Commitment
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Socialization
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee Selection and Training
  • Newcomer Orientation
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Human Resource Development
  • Workplace Commitments


  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • MBA, Michigan State University
  • BA, University of Minnesota


  • BUSMHR 7311 - Staffing Organizations

    Introduction to the scientific, legal, and administrative issues associated with the recruitment, hiring, and placement of individuals by organizations. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 855.

  • BUSMGT 6220 - Data Analysis for Managers

    Introduction to data analysis and statistics for business. Emphasis on achieving an application-oriented understanding of statistical inference and regression analysis and their use in decision making. Prereq: Enrollment in MHRM or SMB-Marketing Program. Not open to students with credit for 870.

  • BUSMHR 4324 - Staffing: Concepts and Competencies for Acquiring Talent

    Introduction to the scientific, legal, and administrative issues associated with the recruitment, hiring, and placement of individuals by organizations. Prereq: 2291 or 2292 (BusAdm 499.01); and 3200 (701), 4323 (653), and AcctMIS 2200 (211), 2300 (212), BusMgt 2320 (330), 2321 (331); or enrollment regional Business Management program. Not open to students with credit for 756.