Rob Fuller joined the Department of Finance as a senior lecturer in 2015. His industry experience is in commercial banking, having started in corporate lending with Bank of America, including 10 years in Asia (Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, Seoul), and finally as SVP and Area Manager for the bank's downtown San Francisco branches. After leaving BoA, he formed an investment group to purchase a community bank in San Francisco, where he served as Chairman and CEO for 10 years until the bank was sold. Since then, he has been a President, founder of a new bank and regional manager of a regional community bank.


Rob has a BA in economics from Stanford University and an MBA from New York University. He also speant a year working for the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress on loan from Bank of America.


  • BUSFIN 7214 - Corporate Financial Management IV

    Advanced case studies in corporate finance. Prereq or concur: 7212 and 7213 (821), or 811 and MBA 810. Not open to students with credit for 828.

  • BUSFIN 4265 - Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions play an extremely important role in the functioning of the global economy and in the operation of our firms. When financial institutions fail to act properly the results can be catastrophic, both for financial markets and greater society as a whole. Prereq or concur: 4211 and 4221. Not open to students with credit for 726.

  • BUSFIN 6225 - Core Capstone Projects - SMF

    This is a capstone, action-based course for students in the Specialized Masters - Finance (SMF) program offered in the first semester of the program. The course aims at providing SMF students with a structured environment to practice analytical and soft skills acquired throughout the program's core courses. Prereq: Enrollment in SMB-Finance program.

  • BUSFIN 6227 - Professional Development for SMF students

    This course is designed to supplement and enhance the SMF experience. The SMF program develops technical skills in finance, but class participation and team assignments are also essential to success. Class participation is often a significant part of course grades and team are assigned to prepare case briefs. Prereq: Enrollment in SMB-Finance program. This course is graded S/U.