Soh Hyun Chu

Graduate Research Associate

Operations and Business Analytics


Soh Hyun Chu is a PhD student in Operations and Business Analytics at the Fisher College of Business. She earned a Master of Operations Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Seoul National University in South Korea. Prior to joining Fisher, she previously worked for KB Credit Card as an associate manager. Her research interest lies in exploring Social Sustainability issues in the field of Operations Management through problem-driven empirical studies. Her current works focus on mitigating the tradeoff between completion time and worker safety, and classifying/quantifying the impacts of diverse social issues within the global supply chain.



S. H. Chu, H. Yang, M. Lee, S. Park. 2017. The impact of institutional pressures on green supply chain management and firm performance: Top management roles and social capital. Sustainability9(5), 764.

Working Paper

S.H. Chu, E. Bendoly, J. Hill. Mitigating Trade-offs between Safety and Completion Time: Public Relative Performance Feedback and Best Practice Sharing. Under Review.

S.H. Chu, C. Blanco, J. Hill. Using Text Analytics to Classify and Quantify the Impact of Social Sustainability Issues in Global Firms and their Supply Chains.

Teaching Experience

BUSOBA 3230 - Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in Organizations 

Full-time instructor summer of 2022,  4.9/5.0  instructor evaluation.