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As business constantly evolves, the programs dedicated to educating and preparing the next generation of business leaders must adapt and embrace change. That flexibility, and a dedication to continuous innovation, is at the heart of Fisher’s Full-Time MBA program.

Leanda Rix, managing director of the Full-Time MBA (FTMBA) program, shares some of the new, market-driven changes that are elevating career and professional development within the flagship graduate business degree at Fisher.

Describe what’s new in the Full-Time MBA program?

Fisher’s Full-Time MBA program retains its strengths ― academic rigor and relevance, extensive experiential learning opportunities and connections between students, alumni and industry partners. In addition, the changes to the program place greater emphasis on preparing workplace-ready leaders through new, required professional and career development coursework and expanded offerings focused on developing soft skills. 

What was the impetus for these enhancements?

Leanda Rix headshot.
Leanda Rix

Ohio State and Fisher are in the business of innovation and we continuously evaluate all of our program offerings, which aligns with the college’s strategic plan. The MBA marketplace is also changing ― we spoke with our students, alumni, recruiters and employers and learned that everyone is in a different place than they were just a few short years ago prior to the pandemic. Students are seeking more career-focused curriculums, and employers are highlighting the need for greater soft skill development. Fisher’s MBA aims to meet the demands and priorities of our students, prospective students and our industry partners. 

What can students expect from the Full-Time MBA program?

Students can expect to be challenged, yet wholly supported, throughout their Fisher MBA journey. A dedicated team of faculty and professional staff are invested in the success ― academically and professionally ― of each Full-Time MBA student who enters our program. There is emphasis on academic, professional and career readiness from the moment a student is admitted into the program via mandatory pre-term activities and supports that are in place. Further, something we are incredibly proud of at Fisher is the initiative and intentionality of our student leaders in creating connections with their colleagues. From the student-organized and student led peer mentorship program, to the wide range of engaged student organizations, Fisher is a place where students can lean into their interests and passions and learn to lead.  

Describe the purpose behind the Career and Industry Immersion Academies

The Career and Industry Immersion Academies were created to provide clearer structure and expanded opportunities for our Full-Time MBAs to explore a variety of industries and career pathways that are open to them post-graduation, while also building into their busy schedules intentional opportunities to prepare for summer internship experiences. These required, experientially focused forums, provide students with opportunities to engage and network with leaders in their industries of interest, tour the headquarters of major companies, and provide additional coaching, space and time to practice case and behavioral interviewing. 

Likewise, what can recruiters and employers anticipate from students and graduates enrolled in the FTMBA?

When recruiting Fisher MBA students, companies find agile, engaged and socially responsible leaders. Our graduates bring to their future companies a blend of business know-how that is rooted in sound theory tested through an array of relevant, applied experiences with real-world clients and partners. Our graduates are ready to run and create value the day they begin their career journeys, exhibiting the skills and abilities employers demand.

What isn’t changing?

Fisher’s Full-Time MBA program remains deeply committed to the core values, principles and behaviors of The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business. The program strives for excellence and impact, celebrates diversity and innovation, and exhibits inclusion and equity, care and compassion, integrity and respect. Further, our students continue to benefit from hallmarks of the Fisher experience ― hands-on learning, global perspectives, evidenced-based curriculum and a deep emphasis on social responsibility. Our students also benefit from becoming a member of Buckeye Nation ― a vast, global network that ascribes to a pay-it-forward philosophy.  

What has you excited about these latest enhancements?

We are excited to offer changes that will provide enhanced value to our Full-Time MBA students, as well as to our alumni and industry partners. I am personally most excited that these enhancements focus on creating new opportunities for meaningful engagement and connection between our students, alumni and industry partners. The changes infuse additional opportunities for our students to move beyond the classroom into corporate settings, to engage with industry leaders, and to gain practical experience whether through additional rounds of practice/mock interviews, informational interview sessions, networking events, etc. Experiences matter and through these enhancements, we are aiming to help open every conceivable door possible for our students. 

"A dedicated team of faculty and professional staff are invested in the success ― academically and professionally ― of each Full-Time MBA student who enters our program."

Leanda Rix Managing Director, Full-Time MBA