In just nine months you will complete your SMF degree and be prepared to start your career in finance.

Fisher's SMF program is split into two 14-week semesters with each semester being further divided in two 7-week sessions. Most courses last 7 weeks, allowing you to experience a wider variety of coursework. The Specialized Master in Finance program comprises 30 semester-hours of coursework in total.

SMF students typically take 15 credit hours per semester.  Courses are offered in two formats: 14-week semester courses (typically 3 credit hours per class) or 7-week session courses (typically 2.5 or 1.5 credit hours per class).   SMF students may take a maximum of 18 total credit hours per semester.

Pre-Term Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
  First Term Second Term  First Term Second Term
Orientation Corporate I Economics II Elective Team Project
Turbo Finance Data Analysis I Investments I  Elective Elective
Software Training Economics I Derivatives I Elective Elective
Professional Development Leadership/Teamwork  Elective Elective Elective
Networking Workshop Action-Based Project Elective Elective Elective

*Core classes appear in bold


Required coursework will give you in-depth training in financial and quantitative analytical skills, develop your teamwork and communication skills and introduce you to principles of ethical and professional conduct. You will also have practical learning opportunities through software training and two action-based projects: a company analysis team project in the fall semester and a project with a real client as part of the required Team Project course in the spring semester. These two action-based experiences, combined with team projects in several other courses, will sharpen your analytical and soft skills. 


Our curriculum’s flexibility allows you to decide if you want to pursue a specialization track. You will also be encouraged to pursue a professional designation, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Through our Applied Finance Seminar, you will be exposed to the practice of finance and have professional networking opportunities.