Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding our MBOE program. If you have further questions, please contact Laurie Spadaro at 614-292-4209 or at spadaro.8@osu.edu.



  • What are the qualifications for the program?

    In order to be considered for the MBOE program, you must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. In addition, our students must have at least 3 years of professional experience and be currently employed. 

  • What's required as part of the application?
    • Personal resume
    • College transcripts
    • Essay question
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Employer sponsor
    • Sponsor involvement video
    • Interview
    • Online Application
    • GMAT/GRE scores if GPA is below a 3.0
  • Are GMAT/GRE scores required?

    You are not required to submit GMAT/GRE scores if your undergraduate GPA was a 3.0 or greater, or if you have an advanced degree.

  • Can international student apply?

    Due to the program being considered part-time, international applicants must have one of the following to attend the MBOE program:

    • Current H1-B Visa (you must continue to work throughout the program to maintain this status)
    • Permanent US Residency
    • Temporary Protected Status

    Please be aware, there are additional admission requirements for international students please visit https://fisher.osu.edu/graduate/international-applicants for more information. 

  • Can I count credits from other graduate programs towards the requirements of the MBOE?

    No, the MBOE program is cohort-based and all classes are taken together.

  • Do I have to be working to be admitted to this program?

    Typically, students use their current employer for their personalized capstone project. However, due to recent events with COVID-19, we are opening up the application to those who are currently unemployed and will work with those individuals to find an alternative project location. 

  • Am I required to stay on campus when the program is in session?

    No, but if you are not from Columbus, it is recommended that you stay at the Blackwell Hotel due to proximity of the classrooms.

  • What is the cost of the program? What's included in this cost?

    The tuition is currently $53,500 and includes: Program materials, meals while the program is in session (breakfast, lunch and coffee service throughout the day), a laptop which you keep after the program is over, transportation to and from local company tripss, an individual coach (and their time and travel) , access to Carmen (Ohio State's 24/7 classroom), executive-level staff support, and first assigned book.

  • What is not covered in the tuition cost?

    Out-of-state company visits are not covered and cost between $2,500-3,500 during the entirety of the program. Books, which will cost around $200. Travel to and from campus for each session and overnight accomodations. 

  • Are scholarships or financial aid available?

    Unfortunately scholarships are not available at this time. Since the program helps students create solutions for a current problem at their place of employment, we encourage companies to help financially sponsor their employees. If you'd like more information as to the benefits for sponsoring companies, please contact Laurie Spadaro at spadaro.8@osu.edu or at 614-292-4209.

  • When is the application deadline?

    We offer rolling admissions, but to start November 2021, you must submit an application no later than October 31, 2021. 


Laurie Spadaro
Director, MBOE

Fisher College of Business
Executive Education
110 Pfahl Hall
280 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1144