Social Impact Pathway (10.5)

This pathway will provide students an understanding of the blurring lines between nonprofit and for-profit entities and the ways in which organizations of all types engage in business activities with goals of social impact.

Pathway Required Courses:

AMIS 7250: Financial Statements of Nonprofit and Governmental Organizations (1.5)

BUSMHR 7238: Leadership Effectiveness through Applied Projects and Team Coaching (3)

PUBAFRS 5595: Social Enterprise (3)

PUBAFRS 7553: Nonprofit Management and Governance (3)


ARTEDUC 5682: Nonprofit Arts Institution Governance and Board Leadership (3)

Optional Relevant Courses:

BUSMHR 7543: Understanding Commercial and Social Franchising (3)

PUBAFRS 5590: Fundraising and Philanthropy (3)

PUBAFRS 5592: Marketing for Nonprofit and Public Organizations (3)

PUBAFRS 7501: Grant Writing in the Public Sector (3)

RURSOC 5580: Social Impact Assessment (3)

PUBAFRS 6060: Managerial Leadership in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3)

PUBAFRS 7554: Performance Measurement and Management in the Public Sector (3)

PUBAFRS 6040: Public Budgeting and Finance (4)

PUBAFRS 6010: Legal Environment and Public Organizations (4)


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