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Expand your boundaries and generate limitless potential.

Included in the 17-month Fisher EMBA program are two experiential trips: one domestic and one international. These out-of-classroom experiences elevate the academic foundation, and help students incorporate a global perspective into their daily decisions and strategy. 

The Fisher Executive MBA domestic immersion trip takes place in Silicon Valley, typically seven months into the program. Often referred to as the “Tech Capital of the World,” students are exposed to the inner workings of this unique ecosystem through intimate meetings with industry titans and providers of capital. From the expansive campuses of Apple and Google to the intimate Sandhill offices of Lightspeed and Andreessen Horowitz, students learn firsthand what it takes to raise capital, disrupt an industry and provide an exit for investors.  A life-changing experience for many, students have commented that the trip alone was “worthy of their entire tuition.”

The international immersion trip is designed to integrate classroom learnings with a real-world look into the business practices and challenges of operating in a foreign country. Historically focused in China, this trip takes students through a cultural and business journey complemented by alumni in senior positions sharing direct insight into new trends, consumer behaviors and best practices within various manufacturing and service sectors. From multi-billion dollar MNC’s to startups, this all-encompassing trip integrates our core curriculum with the experiences of our students to provide insight and business frameworks that we believe will pay dividends throughout your career.  

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Anna Morris
Associate Director of Engagement

Fisher College of Business
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