Center for International Business Education and Research
About Us

While Ohio State CIBER is located in the Fisher College of Business, it seeks to promote international business education and research and enhance U.S. business competitiveness in the global marketplace throughout the university and across the state.


  • The Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs) were created under the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 to increase and promote the nation’s capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise. Administered by the U.S. Department of Education under Title VI, Part B of the Higher Education Act of 1965, the CIBER program links the manpower and information needs of U.S. business with the international education, language training, and research capacities of universities across the U.S. Learn more about CIBER on the CIBER web.
  • In 2022, The Ohio State University CIBER was re-designated a national Center of Excellence and is proud to present initiatives that will build capacity for global awareness and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.
  • Sixteen universities are designated as CIBERs to serve as regional and national resources for businesses, students, educators, and academics. Together, the CIBERs form a powerful network focused on meeting the personnel and information needs of American businesses. The CIBER network serves to enhance U.S. competitiveness and provide programs and services that help U.S. businesses succeed in global markets.


The goal of Ohio State CIBER is to assist in the development of a globally competent workforce in the US. This will be accomplished through a focus on the following themes: 1) expand global trade, 2) highlight our National Center for Middle Markets, 3) resolve supply chain/logistics challenges, and 4) build talent pipelines.  Ohio State CIBER is guided by our vision to be a national center building on our local and regional competencies, one focused on quality programming across disciplines, with a culture that is collaborative, inclusive, accountable, and innovative.

  • Open/Close Ohio State CIBER Staff

    Dr. Mike Knemeyer - Faculty Academic Director, Marketing and Logistics

    Dominic DiCamillo - Senior Director, Office of Global Business

    Kozue Isozaki - Assistant Director, Office of Global Business

    Geoff Nelson - Global Business Operations Senior Analyst

  • Open/Close Advisory Council

    The Fisher College CIBER Advisory Council provides advice and counsel, as well as critical feedback and evaluation, about all CIBER activities. The Council meets formally once each year.

    Representatives of administrative departments or offices of the university:

    • Dr. Anil Makhija, Dean, Fisher College of Business and Grant PI (Ex-Officio)
    • Ms. Joyce Steffan, CIBER Executive Director and Office of Global Business (Ex-Officio)
    • Dr. Gil Latz, Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, The Ohio State University
    • Dr. Cynthia Turner, Assistant Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Fisher College of Business
    • Ms. Cheryl Turnbull, Senior Director, Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship
    • Mr. Doug Farren, Managing Director, National Center for the Middle Market

    Faculty representatives of the Fisher College of Business:

    • Dr. A. Michael Knemeyer, Professor of Logistics, CIBER Faculty Director
    • Dr. Terry Esper, Professor Marketing & Logistics, Fisher College of Business

    Faculty representatives of international studies or foreign language schools or departments:

    • Dr. Mitch Lerner, Director, East Asian Studies Center, The Ohio State University

    Faculty representatives from other professional schools or departments:

    • Dr. Ayanna Howard, Dean, The Ohio State University, College of Engineering

    Representatives of local or regional businesses or firms:

    • Ms. Melissa Torres, President & CEO, The Forum on Education Abroad
    • Mr. J.P. Nauseef, President and Chief Investment Officer, JobsOhio
      • Ms. Alina Harastasanu, Sr. Manager, European Business Development, JobsOhio and alternate for J.P. Nauseef
    • Ms. Deborah Scherer, Senior Vice President, Global Trade & Investment, One Columbus
    • Ms. Vinita Bahri-Mehra, Director, Global Business, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter
    • Mr. Darren Srebnick, Director, U.S. Commercial Services, U.S. Department of Commerce
    • Mr. Patrick Terrien, President and CEO, Columbus Council on World Affairs
    • Ms. Jayme Staley, Executive Director, Greater Columbus Sister Cities International
    • Mr. Bill D’Onofrio, Vice President of Finance, Greif, Inc.
    • Mr. Brad Lakhia, Vice President of Finance, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
    • Ms. Abbe Partee, VP, Global Certified Learning, DHL Supply Chain

    A representative appointed by the Governor of Ohio whose responsibilities include state sponsored trade-related activities:

    • Ms. Lydia Mihalik, Director of the Ohio Department of Development
      • Jim Laipply, Deputy Chief, Office of Small Business Development Centers, Ohio Department of Development and alternate for Director Mihalik

    Other individuals from an institution of higher education deemed appropriate, such as a representative of a community college in the region served by the center

    • Dr. Fred Aikens, Dean, College of Business, Central State University
    • Dr. David Harrison, President, Columbus State Community College
      • Carmen Daniels, Dean, Business, Engineering & Technologies, Columbus State Community College, and alternate for President Harrison