Productivity Inc., the leader in Lean education and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, one of the top business schools in the country have joined together to offer you the opportunity to develop your knowledge about Lean in support and administration services with the Lean for Services Certificate Program. This program is specifically designed to build continuous improvement capacity that will have a profound effect in support services.

The Lean for Services Certificate is a 5-day fully-accredited program designed to get you started implementing process improvement in the support and administrative functions of your organization. This powerful training will help you understand how and where to start your Lean journey in support services.

Through classroom presentation, group discussion, Service-focused case studies and simulation, you will become familiar with the key elements of transformation in Services and discover how Lean can help…

  • Continuously improve customer satifsaction by improving quality at the source and reducing lead-time for your customers.
  • Systematically and repeatedly identify process inefficiencies so they can be reviewed and eliminated.
  • Eliminate back-logs and failure demand - the work created when a task is not carried out correctly the first time.
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover by creating more value-added work.
  • Make processes visible so everyone can monitor daily progress.
  • Increase process capacity so more work can be performed with existing resources.


Benefits of attending 
As a manager you will understand how these principles apply to your department and processes and how you can develop your “leadership legacy” through the implementation of these Lean techniques.

Upon completion of this 5-day program, you will be awarded the Lean for Services Certificate and earn four continuing education units from The Ohio State University.

Program Brochure

Program Information

LOCATION: Fisher College of Business, Pfahl Hall


COST: $3,015
FAculty: Peg Pennington
Catherine Converset



For information or questions regarding registration, please contact Abbey Christian at or 614-292-1029.

If you'd like to discuss your educational options and need assistance in determining the best fit for you, please contact Beth Miller at or at 614-292-8575.