Executive Education Online & Open Enrollment Programs

Fisher College of Business Executive Education at Ohio State University partners with leading companies across the world. Our global partnerships have enabled us to develop cutting-edge learning experiences for all business professionals, from managers to the executive board room.

Get started by selecting an Executive Education option below with Ohio State’s world-class Fisher faculty and industry experts.

  • Operational Excellence
    Implement process improvements, in an accelerated and cost effective manner, to increase organizational strategic competitive advantage.
  • Healthcare
    Help your organization identify and solve their greatest operating challenges, ultimately driving results that can significantly reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.
  • Energy
    New technologies are changing the landscape and shifting the previously accepted dimensions of the energy industry. Meeting this anticipated demand in an economic and environmentally acceptable manner is a global challenge. 
  • Finance & Accounting
    Financial responsibility is highly valued in today’s business world; develop your financial proficiency to make more sound fiscal decisions. Fisher Executive Education finance and accounting topics include: discussion of investment, time value of money, financial markets, financial institutions, risk and return, cost measurement, managerial decision making and evaluation.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Learn the essential processes of supply chain management and how to implement them within your organization.
  • Logistics in the Supply Chain: A Professional Certificate Program
    Explore the value of logistics to reduce supply chain costs, improve speed to market, and enable customer service, thus increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Marketing & Sales
    Leverage customer insights to create successful marketing strategies, increase sales or build your brand.
  • Leadership
    Learn skills that will promote your leadership effectiveness and potential: influence of power, leadership accountability, management functions and principles, team building techniques, motivation methods and conflict management.  
  • General Management
    Strengthen your core competencies – Ohio State’s business expertise in general management programs includes principles and skills in business planning, organizing, directing, and innovating.