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Fisher College of Business, Mason Hall

Fisher College of Business Executive Education at Ohio State University partners with leading companies across the world to develop cutting-edge learning experiences for all business professionals, from managers to the executive board room. A list of current program offerings is below. Additional programs are always in development, so check back frequently for more program listings. 

If you have a large group, generally 15 or more people, who would like to attend our open enrollment programs, please consider our Custom Corporate Programs where programming can be tailored to your specific needs and group.

Ohio State University employees are able to utilize Staff Career Development Grants for Executive Education open enrollment programs.

Information Technology (IT) Programs

Information technology used to be seen as a support unit within a business. As technology continues to evolve, IT has become increasingly important in developing business strategy. No longer can IT leaders simply have a seat at the table - they must have a voice in driving businesses into the future.

  • Open/Close Online Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy

    Debuting in Fall 2022, the Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy will offer information technology professionals a one-of-a-kind opportunity that will develop their business acumen and strengthen their leadership skills in an ever-changing business landscape. IT is no longer seen as a support unit, but the engine that drives a company's strategy. 

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Operational Excellence Programs

Implement process improvements, in an accelerated and cost effective manner, to increase organizational strategic competitive advantage through Executive Education open enrollment programs at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.

Lean Six Sigma Offerings

Lean Program Offerings

  • Open/Close Lean Manager Certification Program

    This certification program is unlike any other, it’s designed for middle and top-level executives at any company who seek the essential knowledge necessary to drive Lean throughout their entire organization.

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  • Open/Close Lean Manager Certification for Services

    A certification program designed for administrative and service industry professionals who are interested in learning how to achieve sustainable improvement in organizational performance and capability.

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  • Open/Close Service Process Improvement

    The Service Process Improvement Program is a 5-day fully-accredited program where you will learn how to apply the lean techniques you are using in production to your administrative environment to eliminate backlogs, failure demand (rework) and other inefficiencies while improving customer service and employee satisfaction.

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  • Open/Close Lean Tool Awareness Certificate Program

    In this intensive one-week, fully accredited program, you will learn how and where to start on your Lean journey. Through a combination of classroom lecture, group activities and simulations, the program focuses on providing the knowledge base needed to understand and take part in Lean transformation efforts in your organization.

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  • Open/Close Manager of Maintenance Improvement Certificate

    This certification program is for middle and top-level managers at any company. Held on Fisher’s campus at The Ohio State University, this fully accredited, week long program teaches maintenance leaders the foundational tools needed to establish a world-class maintenance process.

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  • Open/Close Total Productive Maintenance Certification Program

    Moving from a reactive maintenance organization to a proactive maintenance organization requires constant improvement in the way the maintenance process is managed. To reach this goal, you must build a maintenance organization unburdened by firefighting and focused on preventive, scheduled and corrective maintenance activities.

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Programs for Minority Business Enterprises

We embrace diversity and seek to promote opportunities for excellence to be achieved by all. Highlighting aspects of operational excellence and leadership behaviors, which are essential for successfully executing change and furthering innovation into the future, these programs offer minority business leaders opportunities to build personalized strategies for growth in their organizations. 

  • Open/Close Ascend National Cohort Program

    The Ascend National Cohort Program prepares minority leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. This innovative program provides training and development by The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business, highlighting aspects of operational excellence and leadership behaviors, which are essential for successfully executing change and furthering innovation into the future.

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Digital Transformation Programs

Digital technologies, products, principles and practices are changing the face of business. The impact, and the promise, crosses over all areas of the organization: from product development to operations, from marketing to customer service, from finance to HR. And, more than a technical enabler, digital needs to be at the core of business strategy. Yet, the adoption and application of digital across business is slow going. 

Fisher College of Business Execution Education offers programs designed to upskill and reskill IT professionals to thrive in the digital future. 

  • Open/Close Practitioners Guide to Managing Digital

    This program is intended to guide a learner through the journey of building a digital-first viewpoint and the skills needed to thrive in the digital-first world. It is structured to show the key issues and skills needed at each stage of the digital journey, starting with the basics of a small digital project, eventually building to the concerns of a large enterprise. This fully virtual program is offered over the course of 5 half-day sessions, over the span of two weeks.

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  • Open/Close Executive Guide to Managing Digital

    Executive Guide to Managing Digital is intended to guide an executive through the journey of designing a digital enterprise. In this program, we will cover what makes a company a digital enterprise, the five foundational building blocks of a digital enterprise, the role of technology on this journey, and some of the digital practices you will need at your company to be successful. It is structured to be useful to an executive at a company who is just getting started on their digital journey as well as an executive at a company that is well on its way.

    This program is for executives who wish to lead their organization through digital transformation and is a single 6-hour, instructor-led, remote executive session. 

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Assistant Director of Client Services