The Academy is focused on problem-solving in healthcare with a diverse team from a specific organization. Think of your own organizational challenges and how lean thinking and participating in the Academy would transform your operations.

Defining the problem that you want to solve will drive the selection of your team members. You need to identify key players and stakeholders that will be essential in implementing a solution. For example, if the problem you want to solve is around scheduling or wait times, you will need clinical staff such as a physician or nurse. Or, if the focus is related to insurance or billing you would have more administrative staff.

Just to note, we have had teams come together for this program to find a solution that have never met, but touch the same process at different points. We encourage you to break down the silos, identify those involved in the process from front line to administration that can be part of your team.

Step by step to help you get started.

  • Contact information for your team members
    • You will need a three to five person team comprised of members who are mid-level manager or directors within the organizational structure

    • Information Needed:

      • First and Last Name

      • Title

      • Email

      • Work Address

      • Work Phone
      • Mobile (optional)
  • Hospital name, location and number of beds
    • The location will be where the project is being implemented

    • Number of beds in the hospital where you will be conducting your project

    • Number of beds in the department or unit where you will be conducting your project
  • Summary of project or problem statement
    • Your problem statement should be based on the challenge you are experiencing in your organization, and your team will use the tools from this program to map out a solution.

    • The statement should include potential metrics for measurement for success



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