The Academy for Excellence in Healthcare is a collaboration between The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and Cardinal Health – committed to improving the operations and outcomes of the nation’s health care providers. The program has been designed to help health care organizations identify and solve their greatest operating challenges, ultimately driving results that can significantly reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

The rapidly evolving health care industry has created a new standard of excellence for the safety and accuracy of patient care. With its proven record in creating and shaping lean leaders through an operational excellence curriculum unmatched in the country, Fisher College of Business is uniquely positioned to deliver this program. As a partner and thought leader, Cardinal Health is a health care services company with a decade of experience and commitment to LEAN management and Operational Excellence. This unique partnership brings together an ideal combination of academic and industry experience that will provide participants with a pragmatic and results oriented development experience.  

We believe many opportunities for operational improvement remain untapped – and that the key to unlocking these is in changing how we work, how we communicate, and how we lead.

Cardinal Health






Laurie Spadaro
Director of Outreach and Continuous Improvement

Fisher College of Business
200 Fisher Hall
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210