COE Research Mission

Consistent with COE's overall mission of fostering productive collaboration between business leaders and educators, COE conducts and supports research that benefits member companies and advances the state of knowledge in continuous improvement and operations management. In general, COE research projects are one of three types:

  • Research conducted by faculty with financial support from COE. It is expected that both a clear managerial summary and scholarly output result from funded research projects.
  • Research within member companies where the company identifies a research issue and company staff, faculty and students form a research team to explore the issues and manage the project. Such research is expected to address a general problem encountered by at least one-third of member companies, provide students and faculty with experience, and contribute to the research program of involved faculty. A report is shared with other member companies.
  • Research funded by grants from outside agencies or companies that addresses issues that are of interest to member companies and are consistent with faculty research programs. Members are provided regular updates and early insights from such research as well as presentations of the final results.

The director for research is charged with managing COE's research programs with the advice of the board. For more information, contact Peter Ward.