ELEVATE Leadership Development Program


Overview & Results

Funded by Anne and Steve Milligan, the ELEVATE Leadership Development Program was a cutting-edge study to understand the best ways to develop the leadership skills of undergraduate students at The Ohio State University. Student participants honed their decision-making, communication, emotional intelligence, strategy, change management skills, and more across six modules.

Based on the results from the study, the Leadership Initiative plans to incorporate five key findings into the future development of our programs. In order to implement these key findings, the Leadership Initiative is making necessary changes to the BUILD Assessment, as well as developing a college-wide leadership infrastructure called Leadership Pathways.

You can read more about these findings and our implementation plans on the ELEVATE Overview Document. Details of the study itself can be found on the ELEVATE white paper.


The ELEVATE study was a huge success for the Leadership Initiative and provided great insight on how to best develop leadership skills with the modern undergraduate student. However, there are still questions left unanswered.

The Leadership Initiative is currently conducting a second part of the study that measures the engagement level of Fisher undergraduates in leadership-related activities throughout their academic career. This portion of the study, done in collaboration with the Undergraduate Programs Office and Office of Career Management, will be completed by July 2024.