Crisis Leadership Case

Each year, the Fisher Leadership Initiative partners with Fisher College of Business’ Undergraduate Honors Cohort program and Professor Tyler Shepfer (BUSMHR 2292) to deliver the Crisis Leadership Case Competition. This event provides students with the opportunity to hone their team leadership, communication, problem solving, and decision making skills in a real-world crisis simulation as members of their company’s C-suite.

All 8,400+ undergraduate students at Max M. Fisher College of Business complete the Crisis Leadership Case during their academic career. The program was selected for the 2021 Business Education Innovations Award from LearnSpace.

The Experience

Day one of this two-week experience kicks off with an introduction to crisis leadership and a high-level summary of the case’s scenario. Students have the opportunity to read through the case and ask questions before the competition begins.

Throughout the experience, students receive timed/automated emails from various stakeholders that continually escalate the the situation. Students then present in front of real-life executives who act as their “board” in the simulation.

After all meetings are complete, students debrief with the board. Board members then share details of their own experiences with crisis leadership and impart words of wisdom to the students.