Accounting Honors Program
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Four accounting honors alumni

A Few of the Accounting Honors Program Alumni

David Bond
Senior Vice President of Finance and Control
Safeway, Inc

Thomas P. Dewey
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
Medical Mutual of Ohio

Jonathan Glover
Professor of Accounting
Carnegie Mellon University

Josh Oakes
Director of Business Development
Worthington Armstrong Venture

Corrine Burger
Senior Vice President Controller
JPMorgan Chase

Robert Sledge
Director, Department of Professional Practice

Danielle Verbeck
Senior Associate
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Melinda Whittington
Former SVP, Corporate Controller
Kraft Foods Group


Alumni Testimonials

Melinda Whittington

The Honors Accounting Program prepared me for success in a broad spectrum accounting and finance career – far beyond what I appreciated when in the midst of the challenging course work. The accounting education, and focus on concepts and critical thinking, creates a skillset that can be leveraged years in to the future – even when the rules change! But most importantly, the experience gained in learning to “think on your feet” through challenging case studies and debates has been invaluable across so many situations in the “real world”! Additionally, the focus on written and oral communication is a skillset differentiator right out of the gate and is an imperative for success in today’s business world. The foundation I received from this program has been instrumental to success in both public accounting early in my career and later in industry.

Melinda WhittingtonKraft Foods- Accounting Honors Class of 1989

Tom Dewey

Although I knew the Honors Accounting Program was special during my days at Ohio State, I didn’t fully understand how the program would literally change my life. The Honors Accounting Program provided me with the best business education available in Ohio, allowing me to land a job with one of the top accounting firms in the world and providing me with the knowledge and skills to launch a successful career. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a business and accounting background is critical for any strong executive because you must always understand the financial impact of a business decision. Graduates of the Honors Accounting Program are highly valued by prospective employers because of the unbelievable business foundation provided to the students.I also underestimated the personal value of the relationships I established during my time in the Honors Accounting Program. I still communicate regularly with several professors and am proud to count several of my classmates among my very best friends. We have the common bond of loving Ohio State, but more importantly, have the bond established by going through the Honors Accounting Program, and that is an accomplishment that fills me with pride to this very day.

Tom DeweyMedical Mutual- Accounting Honors Class of 1999

Josh Oakes

While the Honors Accounting program provides a solid foundation in the principles and theory of accounting, the true value of the program is in developing critical business skills that apply across professions. Through case studies, presentations, internships, and interactions with professors and peers, you learn not what to think, but how to think. In addition, meeting the demands of the program as a team with your classmates helps you to forge relationships that will last a lifetime. When you enter the business world, you are doing so with a network of peers that you can leverage to help tackle any problem."

Josh OakesWorthington Armstrong Venture (WAVE)- Accounting Honors Class of 1999

Jenifer Renzenbrink Smith

The Accounting Honors program approaches accounting from a strategic, managerial perspective. Its focus on understanding and analysis, as well as the practical implications of accounting for a business, taught me how to think about what numbers mean and how they can be used to make managerial and investment decisions. This is important for me in my career as an attorney because it helps me relate to my clients and address their concerns. The Accounting Honors program is a fantastic beginning to a wide variety of careers, many of which are not directly related to accounting. If you're looking for a program that will give you a sophisticated, practical approach to learning about business, not to mention help you with your analytical, writing and presentation skills, this program is as good as it gets.

Jennifer Renzenbrink SmithWilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati- Accounting Honors CLass of 2003

Chad Combs

The Accounting Honors program does not teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think. That teaching mindset is rarely seen in undergraduate courses and has direct application into business world.

Chad CombsNationwide Insurance- Accounting Honors Class of 2003

Robert Sledge

The Honors Accounting Program approaches accounting as an academic discipline, rather than as vocational training. It teaches students to apply fundamental principles from economics, information science, and mathematics to achieve a critical understanding of the field. The program’s tradition, rigor, and camaraderie provided me with an excellent foundation for my career.

Robert B. SledgeKPMG LLP- Accounting Honor Class of 2005

Nellie Debbler

I like the honors program because my classmates are nothing short of brilliant, and through our shared classwork they've become my good friends. It's exciting to get to work with really smart people, and to feel challenged by your peers. The program teaches you to think and to work hard. I had my heart set on a finance major when I decided to try the Accounting honors program just for the fun of it, and because I needed 211 and 212 and wanted to take the honors version. By the midterm in H211, I was starting to change my mind, and by the middle of H212 I was converted. I think joining this program is the best decision I've ever made. I, as a member of the Accounting Honors program, am automatically recognized as a good student with quality critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as experience working in teams, presenting, and communicating with classmates and others.

Neilie DebbelerKPMG- Accounting Honors Clas of 2008

Michael Mozes

Regardless of your ultimate goal in life, the Accounting Honors program is an outstanding starting point for careers in business and beyond. The terrific instruction I received in financial reporting, managerial accounting, and general accounting and business principles prepared me not only to become a CPA, but also to enter the workforce as a lawyer. Law firms were thrilled that they had the opportunity to bring on a young associate who can truly understand the complex inner workings of a client's business. The thought experiments and cases our classes would work through together were invaluable in helping students truly understand the scope and depth of real world accounting and managerial issues. Of course, terrific course work is only part of the Accounting Honors experience. Unparalleled professors, great friendships with extremely motivated and intelligent classmates, and unforgettable experiences, from flag football teams to class barbecues, are a few of the things that I particularly enjoyed in the Accounting Honors program. I am extremely proud to be a Buckeye and even more proud to be an alumnus of the Accounting Honors program.

Michael J.MozesHarvard Law School Graduate- Accounting Honors Class of 2008

Danielle Verbeck


What started as a hastily made decision to take two required introductory accounting courses at the honors level resulted in becoming a member of a challenging and enriching academic program. The Accounting Honors Program teaches you to think for yourself. Facilitated through case studies and team projects you are taught to approach situations analytically which is much more valuable and interesting than working from typical textbooks. During my three years in the program I had the privilege of meeting some exceptional classmates, classmates who are good friends to this day. The program gave direction to my collegiate experience and prepared me for a career in accounting.

Danielle VerbeckPwC, UK- Accounting Honors Clas of 2008



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