Digital Marketing Strategies with Resource Interactive

Published: 2012-06-11

Digital Marketing Strategies and Innovation Online provides students with an understanding of how to manage a cross section of digital marketing assets, in order to develop strategies and execute tactics associated with effective cross-channel marketing in the digital era.

Unique Curriculum Partner
  • Co-developed and delivered by Ohio State's Innovation Initiative and Resource Interactive (named by Ad Age as a top, "A-List Agency")
  • Showcasing Resource Interactive's approaches, frameworks and processes to their work for some of the world's leading brands
  • Based upon the strategic platform of "The O.P.E.N. Brand" by Resource Interactive's CEO, Kelly Mooney and Dr. Nita Rollins RI's futurist.
  • Delivered by a cross section of Resource Interactive's leadership and domain experts


For more program details please visit our Fisher webpage:  Digital Marketing Strategies and Innovation Online

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