Leadership & Engagement
Peer Impact Consultants

Fisher Peer Impact Consultants are a team of upper-class business students who help students plan their Fisher co-curricular experience, and meet with students to enlighten them about impactful opportunities.

Meet the PICs! 

PIC appointments are available during the academic year and will resume fall semester. 
Monday 11am-4pm
Tuesday 11am-4pm
Wednesday 11am-4pm
Thursday 11am-4pm

  • Consulting Appointments

    Enlighten students about the experiential, leadership and professional opportunities in Fisher while students develop a co-curricular plan to enhance their Fisher College of Business experience. During a consulting appointments, students plan their co-curricular experience with a Consultant.

    https://go.osu.edu/uleoappointmentschedule  and select Meet with a Peer Impact Consultant 

  • Signature Events/Programs

    Peer Impact Consultants coordinate events focused on professional development, leadership development, wellness and overall involvement.

    • Develop Your Fisher Experience
      Students will learn about the numerous involvement and leadership opportunities offered through the Fisher College of Business, as well as prepare a personal engagement plan.
    • Wellness Initiatives
      To promote wellness throughout the semester, students can stop by the office to destress by playing with the therapy dogs, grab a healthy snack, or relax.