A team of upper-class, undergraduate business students who serve as Fisher Peer Impact Consultants.

Cara Armstrong


Specialization:  Finance
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Gahanna, OH
Email:  armstrong.674@osu.edu

What inspired Cara to become a Peer Impact Consultant? I wanted to help others get involved and find a home at Fisher like I did.

Interesting Fact: I spent three months in Europe during the summer of 2016.

Nick Lucidi


Specialization:  Finance
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Moorestown, NJ
Email:  lucidi.2@osu.edu

What inspired Nick to become a Peer Impact Consultant?  I aim to be a resource for new students by giving back the knowledge that was passed down to me. Through consulting hours I enjoy mentoring young and bright students who I know have great potential.

Interesting Fact: I’ve never been further West than Chicago.

GREG hubbard


Specialization: Marketing
Year: Senior
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Email:  hubbard.277@osu.edu

What inspired Greg to become a Peer Impact Consultant? I love passing down the knowledge that I have gained during my time at Fisher to other students. I enjoy being a mentor and becoming a Peer Impact Consultant allows me to do this on a larger scale with multiple students every day.

Interesting FactI am passionate about music and DJing is one of my favorite hobbies.

Aleksandar tomic


Specialization:  Finance
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  North Royalton, OH
Email:  tomic.6@osu.edu

What inspired Aleks to become a Peer Impact Consultant?  I became a Peer Impact Consultant because my experiences at Fisher helped shape my long term goals personally and professionally. I want to help my peers identify theirs and develop a plan to get them there.

Interesting Fact: I don't have a middle name. 

Eileen wang


Specialization:  Marketing
Year:  Junior
Hometown:  Athens, OH
Email:  wang.7510@osu.edu

What inspired Eileen to become a Peer Impact Consultant? What inspired me to become a Peer Impact Consultant is realizing the value of having an upperclassmen mentor when I was a freshman; my mentor helped me get involved on campus, build my resume, and develop professionally. Now, I'm hoping to pay it forward by working with Fisher's newest class of talented students. 

Interesting Fact: I love to travel and I can speak 4 languages!

jesse wildman


Specialization: Marketing
Year: Junior
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Email:  wildman.48@osu.edu

What inspired Jesse to become a Peer Impact Consultant? I have so many amazing mentors since I started in Fisher, and feel an obligation to pay it forward. 

Interesting Fact: I had lots of pets growing up! Turtles, fish, a bird, a dog and anything I could catch outside when I was younger.