Fisher Ambassadors

Meet our team!

To get the full college experience while on campus, we have a diverse team of talented undergraduate students who serve as Fisher Student Ambassadors who will answer your questions and take you on a tour of Fisher's campus.

These students represent the wide variety of academic interests, involvements, and professional experiences that Fisher has to offer. Ambassadors provide snapshot of what your Fisher College of Business experience could look like. Meet our team!

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  • Antaraa A.

    4th year, Operations Management

  • Connor B.

    4th year, Human Resources & Finance

  • Amanda C.

    2nd year, Finance

  • Caroline C.

    4th year, Accounting

  • David C.

    4th year, Economics

  • Hannah D.

    3rd year, Logistics Management

  • Randi E.

    3rd year, Finance

  • Alfonso G.

    4th year, Finance

  • Abby H.

    4th year, Accounting

  • Garrett H.

    3rd year, Marketing & Spanish

  • Michael H.

    4th year, Finance & Aviation Management

  • Jillian K.

    3rd year, Operations Management

  • Adrianne M.

    2nd year, Marketing

  • Ally M.

    2nd year, Marketing

  • Jasmine M.

    2nd year, International Business (Pre-law)

  • Faith N.

    5th year, Accounting

  • Ryan N.

    2nd year, Information Systems

  • Alyssa P.

    3rd year, Finance (Pre-Law)

  • Kyle P.

    4th year, Finance

  • Caleb S.

    2nd year, Finance