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  • Does applying as a business major determine if I am admitted to the Ohio State University?

    No. When we review applications, we first review applications on a major-blind basis, determining your admission to the Ohio State University. If you are admitted to the University, then your admission to Fisher is considered. Therefore, it is possible you can be admitted to the Ohio State University but not the Fisher College of Business. 

  • When will I receive my OSU admission decision? When will I hear from Fisher?

    OSU has rolling admission, students who applied by November 1 will hear any time between mid-November and the end of January. Students who applied after November 1 will hear end of February through the end of March. Once a student has been accepted into OSU, they will receive notification from Fisher approximately 2 weeks later.

  • What if I didn’t mark business on my application and want to be considered for Fisher?

    If a student did not mark business on their application to the university, they should contact Admissions after being accepted into OSU. Students** who switch into business by completion of orientation must meet business criteria to be eligible (see above sections). After orientation students will need to complete at least one semester at OSU and meet Current OSU Student criteria to switch.

    **International students are not permitted to change majors prior to orientation.


  • What if I’m interested in double specializing in Fisher?

    Only one area of specialization is required to fulfill requirements for the BSBA degree. Students are only guaranteed one specialization in a 4-year time frame. Students can only be listed as one specialization at a time on the system and are only able to complete one specialization at a time. Priority seating is given to students in their primary specialization only. Students who choose to pursue a second specialization are not guaranteed enrollment in course work for a second specialization and it may delay a 4-year graduation.

    Please contact a business advisor to talk about your options and discuss your individual plan in more detail. 

  • Can I switch majors into the business school once I'm at OSU?

    If you do not receive direct admission to Fisher, you can apply to the major program and specialization after completing a certain set of criteria. Please see our website for more details.

  • What if I forgot to indicate Honors or Scholars on my application but am now interested?

    Freshmen students need to indicate their interest in Honors & Scholars on their application. If you did not indicate Honors or Scholars on the application, you need to contact University Honors & Scholars by December in order to be considered. Students who earn a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA after their first semester will be invited to apply to University Honors at that time.

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