The following is a list of frequently asked questions from regional program students. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Student Services and Advising


  • Which word processing software should I use?

    The Columbus and regional campus standard for submission of assignments and other student work are Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. Faculty will not accept work submitted using other software such as WordPerfect, MS Works, etc. All campus computer labs use MS Office. To work using other software at home save work on campus as (File/Save As..) .rtf (rich text format) and visa-versa.

  • What is Carmen?

    Carmen is the online classroom (course management system) used at The Ohio State University over the web. You will receive a letter from the Regional Campus Business Program office before school starts explaining Carmen and how to use it for your courses.

  • Who do I contact about my Carmen login not working?

    Please do not contact regional campus (Lima, Marion, Mansfield and Newark) Help Desk personnel. Login questions should be emailed to or phoned to 614-688-4357(8-HELP from any regional campus phone). The Columbus campus Help Desk has direct authority to resolve your login issues.

  • Should I use Carmen or the discussion posting area to interact with the instructor and other students?

    Please use public discussion postings to communicate about the course content so that other students can benefit. Use email to communicate privately to your instructor about your grades.

  • How do I download an e-book?

    Some faculty require students to purchase publisher-supplied electronic texts online (e-books from McGraw-Hill and Primus). You can choose to download your purchased e-book either to a public (computer lab, library) computer or to your home computer. When you choose a public computer you can only print the e-book one time. Always choose to download your e-book on your home computer.

  • What should I do if Carmen fails?

    In the event that Carmen fails (the browser says "Page not found") your instructor will use Ohio State University email to communicate course materials and information to students. Please phone the Ohio State University HelpDesk at 614-688-4357 to report outages.

  • What should I do if the video conferencing connection fails?

    Many courses in the BSBA and business minor programs use video conferencing for class meetings. In the event that the video connection fails at your regional campus the phone in the classroom will ring. Answer the phone for instructions.

  • Why is it important to post technical issues to the “Technical Support” Discussion Topic?

    Because technical staff monitor this topic several times a day and will respond to your needs quickly. The other discussion topics and Carmen email are used by your instructor and classmates for instruction and content, and should be reserved for academic, class-related discussions.

  • The syllabus/course schedule/homework assignment is missing. What should I do?

    Please post a description of the missing item to your Carmen course discussion board under the topic “Technical Support.” Staff monitor this discussion group and will respond promptly.

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