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Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) Honors

About The Program

The IBE Honors Program offers selected students an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous four year program that encourages students to reach their full intellectual and personal potential.

The IBE Honors Program is designed to develop the ability to communicate across business and technical domains and the ability to enact an inter-disciplinary approach to problem-solving. While an inter-disciplinary approach promises unique benefits, achieving effective knowledge transfer requires that we recognize three main points.

  • Problems vary in ways that often are not captured by any one disciplinary way of thinking.
  • A number of distinct intellectual perspectives exist, and these perspectives differ in their ability to “solve” particular types of problems.
  • Solving problems with significant social components, such as enhancing the distribution of nutritious food across an expanding global population, often require insights from all three perspectives.

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  • Application Process

    Application to the IBE Honors Program is restricted to incoming first-year business and engineering students who have been admitted to University Honors.

    IBE Honors Program students will be chosen based on academic potential (as indicated by their OSU application) and responses to IBE application essay questions. Two primary goals of the application process are to determine whether students have an understanding of the goals & objectives of the IBE program and whether students can demonstrate an ability and willingness to work with others from a variety of backgrounds in a constructive and professional manner.

    Engineering students: click here for more information.

  • Graduation Requirements

    To graduate "with Honors" in Integrated Business & Engineering, students must complete the following:

    • Earn an overall cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Completion of 60 hours of graded coursework in residence at the Columbus campus.
    • Successful completion of the following core coursework: Business Students must complete:
      • Math 1152 or 1161.01 or 1172 or 1181H
      • Physics 1250, Physics 1200 AND 1201, or Chem 1210
      • Pick 1 course from:
        • ME 2040, MSE 2010, CSE 2221, ECE 2060, CBE 5761, FABE 3170, or ISE 5810 or CSE 1223*
          • *CSE 1223 is an elective option for students who entered the University Spring 2021 or earlier
    • Successful completion of the following IBE coursework: IBE Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors I & II (ENGR 1281.01H and 1282.01H), IBE Business Simulation & Innovation Seminars (MHR 2400 & 3400), and IBE Capstone I & II (ENGR 5901.02H & 5902.02H).
    • Successful completion of 2 upper-division (4000-level) or honors courses (these can overlap with General Education requirements).
    • Successful completion of all additional coursework required for the BSBA degree.

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  • For More Information
    Kim Bader

    Assistant Director for Honors
    Fisher College of Business

    Michael Leiblein

    IBE Business Faculty Director



Engineering students: click here for more information.