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Honors Contract

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Create an individualized honors experience that takes you beyond business. 

Participation in the Business Administration Honors Contract program offers eligible second-year students from any business major the opportunity to: 

  • Participate in a two-year personalized honors program with a focus on principled leadership theories and skills.
  • Learn from faculty experts in seminar-based courses that facilitate significant individual interactions.
  • Small group collaboration with your peers to build a broader understanding of leadership in business, community, and social change spaces.
  • Create and complete a "Contract Challenge," focused on individualized professional and leadership development.

Additional Information

  • Open/Close Application Process

    Students may apply to the Honors Contract Program if they have a minimum 3.5 GPA. Applicants must complete prerequisite classes by the end of the spring semester of the sophomore year. Applicants will be chosen based on academic excellence, leadership, extracurricular activities, work experience, and personal statement.

    Applicants must complete the following prerequisite classes (by the end of Spring semester) in order to apply. Honors versions recommended when offered. If you cannot complete all of these requirements by the end of your sophomore year but are still interested in applying for Honors Contract, please contact our Faculty Director.

    • Math 1131, 1151, or 1161
    • Econ 2001.01 or 2001.03H
    • Econ 2002.01 or 2002.03H
    • AMIS 2200 or 2200H
    • AMIS 2300 or 2300H
    • CSE 2111 or 1113
    • Stat 1430 or 1430H (or 1450/2450 EM credit)
    • BUSOBA 2320
    • BUSOBA  2321
    • BUS MHR 2292 or 2292H

    Please note: Eligible second-year students can apply to the Accounting HonorsFinance Honors, Honors Cohort, and Honors Contract programs each January. Students are welcome to apply to more than one program, but are required to indicate their first, second, and third choice. Notifications will be sent in time for autumn term scheduling.

  • Open/Close Required Coursework

    Develop as a leader while building collaborative and inclusive relationships with peers through cluster courses.

    Students have no required coursework spring of their junior year.

    Courses (required)


    Credit Hours


    BUSADM 3890H

    Honors Contract Seminar


    AU – Junior Year

    BUSMHR 2210H

    Personal Leadership and Team Effectiveness


    AU – Junior Year

    BUSMHR 3200H

    Organizational Behavior


    AU – Junior Year

    BUSADM 4890H

    Honors Contract Seminar


    AU – Senior Year

    BUSMHR 4235H

    Developing Leaders through Practical Exercises


    AU – Senior Year

    BUSMHR 4490H

    Strategic Management 


    SP – Senior Year

  • Open/Close Contract Challenge

    Challenge yourself by completing an individual experience of your choosing that focuses on professional and leadership development. 

    Students have the flexibility to create their own Contract Challenge project. Previous Contract Challenge projects have included: 

    • Self-directed service projects, including study abroad opportunities
    • D.I.C.E. (Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement Certificate)
    • Honors Research Thesis
    • Buckeye Leadership Fellow
    • Lead/Organize a major Fisher or University event (examples: BuckeyeThon, Fisher Impact Day, Taste of OSU)
    Please note: Contract challenges must be approved by the Honors Contract faculty director. 
  • Open/Close Graduation Requirements

    To graduate “with Honors” in Business Administration, Honors Contract students must complete the following requirements:

    •  Four honors courses of 3 or more credit hours each
    • A minor/major outside of business to broaden your knowledge and diversify your skill set
    • A “Contract Challenge" approved by the Honors Contract faculty director

    Graduation Requirements 

 Honors contract student"For the Contract Challenge, I learned first-hand about dog adoption and dog treatment in America by volunteering over 70 hours at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. I was able to make a small but invaluable impact on the lives of many dogs and adopters in my community while continuing to cultivate a lifelong passion."

Christy Murgiano, Honors Contract Class of 2022



Honors contract student"I conducted research under the direction of a tenured faculty member in the intersection of public and private data collection and administration. I analyzed and solved problems, interviewed 30+ academic and industry experts, and completed a 63 page interdisciplinary thesis deliverable."

Josh Badzik, Honors Contract Class of 2022



Honors contract student"My Legal Awareness project aims to increase international students’ legal knowledge and understanding of their rights while studying in the US. So far we published and translated 10 articles on a social media platform, attracting more than 300 reads per article. To date, we have helped five students understand their specific legal situations and connect them with the appropriate resources."

Hairu Xu, Honors Contract Class of 2022


Upcoming Information Session

Join us Wednesday, Oct. 4th from 2:30-3:30 PM in Schoenbaum 200 for FREE pizza and to hear from Honors Contract Faculty Director, Maria Landekhovskaya, and current Honors Contract students to learn more!


Maria Landekhovskaya
Faculty Director, Honors Contract Program