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An ever-changing workplace demands leaders who are equipped to embrace disruption, champion strategic initiatives and who embody the principles that advance businesses, their missions and their employees.  

This landscape and a forward-looking perspective are at the heart of new enhancements to a streamlined Master of Human Resource Management  (MHRM) degree at Fisher College of Business. The updated program addresses three key drivers of change within HR and human capital:  

  • The future of the enterprise, which is being shaped by data and analytics, dynamics surrounding company lifespans and an overall perception of business  
  • The future of the workforce, where career lengths are increasing while the half-life of critical skills are rapidly decreasing — all of which is happening amid a backdrop of a growing contingent workforce 
  • The future of how work gets done, which includes equipping HR leaders to manage and navigate the rise of technology, automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace 

“As the business world changes, we’ve embraced the opportunity to adapt, to grow and to innovate on the ways we’re preparing tomorrow’s leaders,” said Bennett Tepper, associate dean for graduate programs at Fisher. “These enhancements to our MHRM program are designed to better position our full-time and part-time MHRM students for success while also meeting the needs expressed by the companies and industries that turn to Fisher for top talent and insights.” 

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The changes to the MHRM degree include a compressed program timeline where full-time candidates can complete the degree in 18 months (three semesters). Additionally, degree requirements have been reduced to 39 credits, and the majority of the program’s courses have been transformed into three-credit-hour courses. 

The program, which incorporates hallmarks of other graduate offerings at Fisher such as experiential, cross-functional and capstone educational opportunities, will feature a refreshed curriculum designed around shifts happening globally in human resources. Students will also have access to updated electives that include a coaching series, negotiations, diversity and inclusion, and Leadership Effectiveness through Applied Projects (LEAP). 

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"The fields of human resources, employment and human capital have never been as dynamic as they are now,” said Ty Shepfer, academic director of the MHRM program. “Whether confronting the challenges associated with telework or helping organizations bring about meaningful and positive change in diversity, inclusion and equity efforts, the updates to the MHRM program are an exciting opportunity for Fisher to address, educate and inspire the leaders that will shape the future of workforce management.” 

Ben Tepper Abramowitz Memorial Professor , Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
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Tyler (Ty) Shepfer Senior Lecturer, Director, Honors Cohort Program, Academic Director, Master of Human Resource Management Program
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