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Recognizing a need among IT leaders for skills that transcend technology and data, The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business has created a new offering that strengthens professionals’ capabilities to think, plan and act beyond traditional IT roles.

The Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy is a new, fully online certification that provides CIOs and IT leaders with the education, perspectives and experiences to contribute to their organizations’ growth as strategists.

“The Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy is a continuation of Fisher’s mission to continuously innovate in how we’re meeting the needs of business professionals and the marketplace,” said Anil K. Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business. “This certificate is a unique opportunity for IT professionals and leaders to expand their knowledge and scope within their organizations to not just occupy a seat at the leadership table, but to also have a voice at it.”

The Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy connects the core elements of a Fisher MBA and applies them to IT and business strategy. Students in the 10-month certificate program will earn 13.5 credit hours through eight courses from the Ohio State course catalog, including:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis for Managers
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Technology and Innovation Strategy
  • IT Discipline Fundamentals
  • Professional Development
  • Accounting for Decision-Making
  • Finance

Additionally, participants will work with a coach to complete a capstone project, sourced directly from their organizations, that addresses a specific challenge or innovation. They will also gain better understanding of their leadership skills through continuous assessments using the BUILD leadership model. The result is an experience in which IT leaders formulate capabilities to increase their confidence and competence to lead strategically within an organization.

Up to six credits earned as part of the Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy are transferable toward the completion of a master's degree at Fisher.

“Because the pandemic showed us the game-changing power of technology, senior IT leaders are being recognized as transformational pacesetters within their organizations,” said Meredith Conder, executive director of executive education at Fisher. “Now IT leaders are strategic advisors who proactively identify new revenue-building opportunities and help line of business leaders bring them to fruition. Having a strong educational foundation in business is essential to their evolving roles.”