Master of Business Operational Excellence
Immersive Industry Exploration


Learn by doing is something we live and breathe in MBOE. Explore other industries and organizations first hand.

Gemba is a term you will hear during your time in the program. This term is Japanese and means "the actual place" and is used in Lean to explain going to see where and how the work is done. You may also hear it referred to "Go-and-See’s". During your time in the MBOE program, you will travel for Session 7 (typically October) to visit a variety of organizations (healthcare, manufacturing and service/transactional) that have incorporated Lean and OpEx into their organizations. Previous cohorts have traveled to Utah, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota and more. 

This immersion experience may include a tour of facilities, speaking with front line workers, and discussing with leadership their current lean practices and journey to operational excellence. You will learn about not only their wins, but their fails as well, and how they have incorporated a continuous learning model into their culture.


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