International Business

An international business pathway provides students with a good understanding of international business principles as well as the languages and cultures of other countries. International business majors are advised to focus their coursework and international experience on one region of the world, and to gain in-depth knowledge of that region.

Fisher College of Business will provide certification of language competency for the region in which a student specializes. Language instruction can be obtained in the classroom through Ohio State's program of individual instruction, through study abroad, through "InterLangua" native-language tutoring over the Internet, or through use of Rosetta Stone software licenses available to graduate students through the Ohio State's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).

What is an optional pathway?

Fisher's optional pathways are a group of classes designed to provide competence in a particular area or field. The pathways listed are only a small example of the options available through an extensive list of electives. With guidance from your coaches, you can access elective courses at Fisher and across more than 100 graduate programs at Ohio State. Contact us today to discuss how we can personalize your curriculum to your career goals.

  • Open/Close Sample course offerings

    Elective courses

    • International Financial Reporting Standards
    • International Finance
    • Global Marketing and Sustainability
    • Global Sourcing
    • Advanced Topics in Multinational Business
    • International Strategy
    • China and Its Global Business Implications
    • Social Enterprise
    • Global Labs 1
    • International Negotiations and Deal Making
    • Negotiations
    • Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership