In 2012, Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the “sexiest job” of the 21st century, and recently it was named the “best job of the year” by Glassdoor, a leading web-based employment site.  

The skills for a data scientist role include a strong basis in computer science, statistics and math, coupled with a strong business acumen and the ability to clearly communicate and convey the findings.  An MBA with a specialization in Analytics will provide the groundwork for moving into this fast growing field. 

What is an optional pathway?

Fisher's optional pathways are a group of classes designed to provide competence in a particular area or field.  The pathways listed are only a small example of the options available through an extensive list of electives.  With guidance from your coaches, you can access elective courses at Fisher and across more than 100 graduate programs at Ohio State. Contact us today to discuss how we can personalize your curriculum to your career goals.


  • Sample course offerings

    Base Courses:

    • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Tools for Data Analysis
    • Management of Corporate Data Resources
    • Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    • Prescriptive Analytics


    Elective Courses:

    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Financial Statement Analysis II
    • Fraud Examination
    • Financial Modeling
    • Derivatives I
    • Derivatives II
    • Simulation, Risk Analysis and Decision Making
    • Supply Chain Analytics: Matching Supply with Demand
    • Sports Analytics
    • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis
    • Marketing Research and Analytics
    • Quantitative Product and Pricing Analysis