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Live like a local, not a tourist, as you study in a new country for a semester! For the more independent and adventurous traveler, this program allows you to plan and create a personalized experience abroad.

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Go abroad for a semester to enhance your global business knowledge and awareness, expand your global network, put your global leadership skills in action, scope out one of your dream career locations, add a distinctive edge to your resume, experience the next level of personal growth, or brush up your cultural and language skills. What goal is going to take you abroad?

*Please note that you may NOT contact or apply to the host institution until you have been accepted to the Student Exchange Program through the Fisher College of Business.

Outbound Exchange: Program Details

  • Program Snapshot

    https://oia.osu.edu/health-and-safety/traveler-insurance.htmlThis is a summary of the Semester Exchange Program. Information on this page is subject to change.


    Required Orientation Course: BUSADM 3760 Exploring Culture in International Environments (1 credit), SP 2019

    Semester Exchange Courses: You will be required to take between 12-18 OSU credits worth of courses on the term you are abroad at the Host Institution.

    Travel Information

    Travel location and dates will differ depending on the Host Institution you select. Visit the Exchange Partner page for details on specific locations. The offered terms are Autumn and Spring.

    Other Notes and Information


    • By paying your current OSU's tuition, you do not have to pay another tuition to the host institution you attend.
    • You are able to earn OSU credits abroad.
    • A deeply immersed experience in a different country that will allow you the opportunity to expand your global network.


    • You cannot go abroad on your graduating term.
    • You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements.
    • You will be placed in the BUSADM 5797 placeholder course for the term you are abroad. This will be changed to the actual courses and credits which you take abroad, upon return, after receiving the official transcript from the Host Institution.
    • You may find after application processes on our "Steps after Admission" section below and general questions answered on the Outbound FAQ page.

    Program Contact

    Should you have any questions not answered on the webpage, contact Kozue Isozaki (isozaki.1@osu.edu)

  • Program Cost and Payment Information

    Program Total Cost: Varies per location

    Estimated Cost Items

    $ 150     Application Fee (Non-refundable)

    Varies    Visa Fee/Travel for Visa Process

    Varies    Flight

    Varies    Health Check Up and Vaccinations

    Varies    Accommodation

    Varies    Living Expense

    Varies    OSU Mandatory International Health Insurance/ Other Insurance

    Varies    Personal Expense

    * Cost may fluctuate depending on how you use your funds and other external factors, such as currency conversion rates, etc.

    * Required travel arrangements (passport, visa, accommodation, flight, etc.) are the responsibility of the student. It is required that you arrive/leave according to the Host Institution’s program start/end dates. Student are not permitted to leave early or come back late for OSU’s semester term dates.

    * You will be required to enroll in OSU's Mandatory International Health Insurance (approx. 250-300 USD per semester) and you must still maintain a primary health insurance to allow the supplemental health insurance to work while abroad. You will be covered only for the dates of the school term of your selected Host Institution. For more information about insurance please visit OIA's Insurance page. If any other insurance is required by the Host Institution you must follow Host Institution guidelines.

    Payment Instructions

    STEP 1: Pay your $150 application fee immediately upon application.

    Once you submit your application, this fee will post to your University Statement of Account and is to be paid no more than three days after submission of the application. It is recommended that you pay the application fee immediately after submitting your application. This application fee will be refunded only if you are not accepted to your study abroad program or submit a written request to withdraw your application prior to the application deadline.

    STEP 2: Pay your OSU tuition and OSU Mandatory International Health Insurance fees.

    The tuition and insurance fee will be charged to your University Statement of Account. It is recommended that you pay the fee immediately after it shows on your student account. The tuition and fees charged to your University Statement of Account will follow OSU tuition and fee deadlines.

    STEP 3: Make all travel arrangements on your own and pay organizations by their given deadlines.

    Funding Study Abroad

    Visit our Funding Study Abroad  website for information on available scholarships and information on funding opportunities.

    Cancellation Policy

    Should you withdraw or be dropped from the program after you have submitted your application, you will be assessed a $200 cancellation fee according to the Office of International Affairs Cancellation Policy. You are also responsible of any associated cost due to your withdraw or drop from the program. If you wish to withdraw, you must send a written withdrawal request to the Program Coordinator.

  • Eligibility

    All applicants must meet the following criteria. If you end up not meeting the criteria after admitted to the program, you will be dropped from the program at your own cost:

    • Be fully admitted as a Fisher undergraduate student.
    • Have and maintain a 3.0 or above grade point average to be selected and remain in the program. (3.3 or above for Ireland)
    • Completed at least a year of study at Fisher College of Business.
    • You must complete the below pre-requisites one full semesters before departure. (i.e. By prior Spring term for Autumn exchange and by prior Summer term for Spring exchange.)

    ACCTMIS 2200: Introduction To Accounting I

    ACCTMIS 2300: Introduction to Accounting II

    ECON 2001.1: Principles of Microeconomics

    ECON 2002.1: Principles of Macroeconomics

    STAT 1430: Statistics for the Business Sciences

    • You have met with your fulltime Fisher Academic Advisor to confirm that your academic standing is eligible for Student Exchange and to complete the Course Planning Worksheet (link found on right navigation).
    • Remain eligible based on the Office of International Affairs eligibility requirements and conditions for participation

    *If you wish to participate in the Student Exchange Program in your sophomore spring term, you must meet a different eligibility criteria. Contact the exchange coordinator for details.

    International Students

    • The program does not allow students to go back to their citizenship country as an exchange student (i.e. Chinese citizens to China)
    • In order to participate, international students must be able to obtain all required travel visas and confirm their eligibility to return to the U.S. after the program (i.e., a multiple entry visa).
    • All international students holding a U.S. visa who are participating in an Office of Global Business (OGB) program and have questions about international travel may schedule an appointment with an Office of International Affairs (OIA) International Student Services advisor.

    Drop Policy

    If you are selected as a Student Exchange Program participant you must complete all orientation classes and fulfill all eligibility requirements for the Student Exchange Program by the given deadline. If you fail to do this, you will be dropped from the program on your own cost.

    The Ohio State University does not allow students who have records of felonies and sexual offenses or who are on disciplinary probation to participate in Ohio State University sponsored programs. In accordance with this policy, all students who have accepted their participation for the Office of Global Business programs will be required to go through a disciplinary check by the Office of Student Conduct. A check is conducted both at the point of application to the program and prior to departure. Should either check reveal that you are on disciplinary probation, your application will become nullified and your acceptance rescinded. If you are found on disciplinary probation after you have paid your $150 application fee, the application fee will not be refunded and you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee. This policy is subject to change and you can find the most updated information on OIA's Conditions for Participation page.

  • Application Process

    Application Steps

    The application deadline is December 20, 2018 for AU 2019 and SP 2020. Applications will be received online and will be admitted on a first come first serve basis, and you cannot go abroad on your graduating term. Should you select to go abroad on a spring exchange, you agree to commit to the partner universities' full spring semester term.

    If you are planning to participate in a Student Exchange Program, please note that the application process typically begins ONE ACADEMIC YEAR prior to your intended exchange program term.

    • Select your Exchange Location
      Find your top three best matched Host Institution by researching on the Exchange Partner webpage and attending information sessions. Please review this information about the Zika Virus and other pre-travel health considerations.
    • Academic Planning
      Plan your academics abroad with your academic advisor by completing the Course Planning Worksheet (link on right navigation).
    • Complete Online Application and Interview
      Read the “Apply” section of the OIA website and access the online application.
      Check the Exchange Partner page to input the correct program term and program code.
      Pay the non-refundable $150 application fee posted on your student account.
      Receive an email from the exchange coordinator to set up an interview.
    • Wait for Response
      Expect to hear from the Office of Global Business 2-3 weeks after the application has been fully reviewed. Your application will not be considered complete until ALL required documents and fees have been submitted, and interviews completed. Delay of fully completing your application will delay the application process.

    * Once you submit your application, you are subject to the Cancellation Policy according to the Office of International Affairs.

    Application Documents

    Section 1: Applicant Questions Text Field

    Be ready to answer each question below in around 180-200 words on the online application considering the below points:

    • What led you to select this particular study abroad program? 
    • How will you prepare yourself for the difference in culture, academics, and so on? 
    • How will your participation in this program help you reach your personal and academic goals? 
    • How do you plan to be a good representative of Ohio State Abroad?

    Section 2: Application Document Upload Field

    Submit the below required documents in the appropriate upload field on the online application.

    Section 3: Recommendation Letter

    Request a letter of recommendation on the online application. It is advised that you speak with the faculty member you will be asking to write your recommendation letter prior to submitting your application, and follow up after you have submitted your recommendation requests on the online application.

    It is requested that the faculty writing the letter covers the students’ academic performance and class room behavior/interactions that would support the students' maturity and ability to successfully perform in a different academic setting, as well as represent Fisher College of Business positively to our partner universities around the world.

  • Travel Preparations


    All students (international and domestic) must have passports valid at least 6 months past the dates of travel by March 1, 2019.

    If needed, the costs associated with applying for or renewing a passport will be your responsibility.

    If you are a U.S. citizen but do not currently have a passport and you are selected to participate in the program, you should apply for your passport as soon as possible.

    If you are a U.S. citizen trying to apply for a passport, please see Travel.State.Gov for more information about applying and renewing your passport.


    You must follow the Host country’s requirements when obtaining your visa. It is strongly advised that you start your visa processing research as soon as possible, once you confirm your attendance to the Host Institution of your selection. Some countries may require you to travel to the host countries' embassy/consulate in the U.S. for interviews or conducting a biometric screening, etc.

    International students: Visas for international students vary by travel destination and student nationality. As it may take some time to process a visa, please prepare in advance, allowing enough time to process documents and renew the F-1 visa (if applicable). You may have to show your valid U.S. visa upon applying for the host country visa.


    You must arrange for your own housing for the Student Exchange Program. If your Host Institution offers on-campus accommodations, it is strongly encouraged that students take advantage of this service. Other options students have used in the past include private accommodations, host families, staying with relatives that live in the host country, etc.

    Pre-Departure Orientation

    There will be a mandatory one credit pre-departure orientation class held in Spring. Failing to successfully complete this class will disqualify you from participating in the Student Exchange Program.

    Health and Safety Abroad

    Visit the Office of International Affairs Health and Safety page, for information related to:

    • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Please review information about the Zika Virus and other pre-travel health considerations.)
    • Travel Alerts
    • Disability Services
    • Emergency contacts
    • Health Insurance
    • International Travel Consultation
    • Medical/Non-medical Emergencies
    • Safety Guidelines
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
    • Study Abroad Health Form
    • Student Code of Conduct

    Travel to Risk Designated Locations

    Any student traveling to study, conduct research or field work, participate in a service learning project or an international program in a risk-designated country must petition the International Travel Policy Committee (ITPC) for approval. More information about travel to risk designated countries can be found at on OIA’s Travel to Risk Designated Countries website.

    For further information on the policy and/or the petition process, please contact Dru Simmons, international risk manager, (simmons.541@osu.edu), Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

    Travel Plan Communication

    As a safety precaution, we require you to communicate your travel plans associated with the program after you are accepted (flight, accommodation, phone/email contact while abroad, etc.).

Outbound Exchange: Steps After Admission

  • Before Departure


    You must complete the BUSADM 3760 Exploring Culture in International Environments (1 credit) in SP 2019. If you do not complete this course successfully, you will be dropped from the program. Course details for AU 2019 and SP 2020 exchange are listed below:

    Carmen Course
    You must complete all assignments online by the given deadlines.

    In-Person Sessions
    Orientation 1: Sunday, January 20, 2019 (3:00- 6:30 pm)
    Orientation 2: Sunday, March 3, 2019 (3:00- 6:30 pm)
    Orientation 3: Sunday, April 7, 2019 (3:00- 6:30 pm)

    Re-entry Sessions
    AU 2018: Sunday, January 19, 2020 (4:30- 6:30 pm)
    SP 2019: Sunday, September 20, 2020 (4:30- 6:30 pm)

    Host Institution Application

    Follow Host Institution instructions to complete their application by their deadlines. Once you have successfully completed the application, you will receive a formal acceptance letter from the Host Institution.

    Placeholder Course Enrollment

    Check that you are enrolled in 12 OSU credits of the BUSADM 5797 Study at a Foreign Institution course at OSU, as a placeholder for your term abroad.

    OIA International Health Insurance

    Make sure you receive your mandatory OIA International Health Insurance card before departure. For more information about insurance, please visit OIA's Insurance page.

    Prepare for Departure

    It is mainly your responsibility to work independently in securing all required documentation and complete necessary processes of exchange. If you struggle on visas, resident permits and/or housing, it is recommended that the student inform the Exchange Coordinator two months before departure for additional assistance.

    A list of exchange preparation items include, but not limited to:

    • Course selections abroad
    • Housing arrangements
    • Host country research (law, regulations and safety procedures)
    • International flight
    • Medical arrangements
    • Notify your bank and credit card companies your travel plans
    • OSU tuition and fee payments
    • Pack for your semester abroad
    • Share your travel plans with the Exchange Coordinator
    • Travel documentation (Student Visa/Resident Permit)

    HousingAnywhere: Off campus vendor providing accommodation options abroad.

    *Use pre-caution when committing to accommodations abroad. OSU is not responsible for any of the information provided on the sites listed, nor for any issues or damages which may result.

  • While Abroad

    Arrival Check-in

    Communicate to your contacts back home and the Office of Global Business of your safe arrival at your host country.

    Final Course Selections

    Send the list of your finalized list of courses at your host institution to the Office of Global Business. You are required to enroll in at least 12 OSU credits equivalent abroad. If you end up taking less than 12 OSU credits, or more than 18 OSU credits, this may negatively impact you at Fisher upon return.

    Keep Open Communication

    • Collect information about transcript dispatch dates.
    • If needed, inform the Host Institution and Office of Global Business of your graduation date and request to have your transcript process expedited.
    • If needed, request early exam dates to end studies in December (for Autumn semester exchanges only).

    Make the Most of Your Time Abroad

    • Initiate personal/business/alumni connections abroad.
    • Keep a record of your experience abroad to use towards recruiting season. (journals, blogs, etc.)
    • Learn different cultural aspects of life, education, and business in your host country.
  • Returning to the U.S.

    Return Check-in

    Communicate to your contacts back home and the Office of Global Business of your safe return to the U.S.

    Re-Entry Session

    You must complete a survey and attend the re-entry session upon return from your exchange program on the dates below.

    • AU 2016: Sunday, January 19, 2020 (4:30- 6:30 pm)
    • SP 2017: Sunday, September 20, 2020 (4:30- 6:30 pm)

    Transcript Process

    • Transcripts are received and processed by the Office of Global Business.
    • Review and respond promptly to the Office of Global Business emails regarding your transcript. Delay of your response will affect efficient grade postings and may result in an account/graduation hold.
    • Grades will be posted on Buckeye Link. Check that the grades are posted correctly under the "academics" tab.

    Continue to be Global

    • Join the Fisher Exchange Network or International Business Club student organizations.
    • Help update student support materials for exchange.
    • Be a global programs ambassador. Encourage peers to go abroad, speak at panel sessions or information sessions, help promote study abroad, etc.

Should you have any additional questions, check out the Outbound FAQ page!