Please read the following FAQs to help you learn more about the Student Exchange Program at Fisher College of Business. If you still have additional questions, please contact us.

Application Process

Cost of Living and Housing

  • 1. How much does attending Fisher on exchange cost?

    You will pay your tuition at your home school like any other term and your tuition at OSU will be waived. Additionally, you are required to pay for OSU fees (approximately $1,931.40 per semester, subject to change) and other personal expenses.

    The 2017-2018 academic year fees are listed below and are subject to change:

    • Student Health Insurance - $1,497*
    • Recreation Facilities Fee - $123
    • Student Activity Fee - $37.50
    • Student Union Fee - $74.40
    • COTA Bus Transportation Fee - $13.50
    • Learning Technology Fee- $186 (Undergraduate)

    *The OSU Student Health Insurance is mandatory. This will only cover the dates of the academic term you attend OSU. If you would like to be covered for the dates outside of your academic term at OSU, you can either request the Student Health Insurance office for additional coverage, or talk with your family plan provider for coverage. This may result in additional cost.

    Other additional cost you will have to consider are:

    • Housing
    • Living Expense (Meals, phone, internet, etc.)
    • Airfare
    • Visa Fees
    • Other Expenses (Personal expense, text books, etc.)
  • 2. How do I pay OSU?

    Payment option information is provided by OSU's Bursar's Office. Should you have issues or questions about payments, please contact them at or +1 614-292-1056.

  • 3. Where will I live while I'm at Fisher?

    Business international exchange students must be prepared to live off-campus and to find your own accommodation when coming to OSU. The OSU Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services (+1 614-292-0100, can assist you in your search for local short-term apartments, sublets, and roommates. Make sure you have a written and signed contract for your accomodation, listing rules and expectations that you can agree to. It is advised that you use precaution when comitting to any kind of accomodation (check condition of housing, people you are living with, etc.), whether with individual or vendor, since you will be responsible for any issues that may arise. OSU is unable to legally represent you should problems arise.

    Here are helpful links from OSU Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services to get your started:

    Other links recommended by past students:

  • 4. How much is the living cost in Columbus?

    You may find the estimated cost of attendace at OSU's Student Financial Aid webpage. (Under "Columbus Campus"​ > "Ohio r​esident​​: Living on or off cam​pus")

    Per research done in 2017, OSU undergraduate students reported the following monthly expense budget:

    • Housing $700
    • Food $200
    • Text Books $200
    • Phone/Internet $50
    • Personal Expense $150

    The amount will differ depending on how you allocate your funds while at Fisher and the different services you choose to use while in Columbus, so this amount may differ per person.

Fisher's Course and Grades

  • 1. Where can I find OSU's course information and syllabus?

    Undergraduate: Use the following links to search for classes at OSU. Please make sure you select the term you are attending OSU and the Columbus campus when using the class search.

    You can find the sample syllabus on the following webpages below:

    If you are not able to find the syllabi at the above links, please contact the exchange coordinator for assistance.

  • 2. How many courses can I enroll in per semester?
    • Undergraduate: Students must take a minimum of 12 OSU credits, with a maximum of 18 OSU credits, per semester.
    • All students must take at least 6 OSU credits in Business (Course code: ACCTMIS, BUSADM, BUSFIN, BUSMGT, BUSMHR, BUSML).
    • The average course load is about 12-15 OSU credits per semester.
  • 3. I am admitted to OSU but cannot enroll in courses on my own. What should I do?

    As an international student attending OSU on exchange, you are not able to enroll in courses on your own. You must submit your course request to the Exchange Coordinator to get enrolled into your preferred classes. For some courses you must meet the classes' pre-requisites if your preferred class requires this. Courses fill up quickly, so it advised you submit your course requests as soon as possible once you are asked to submit your selections.

  • 4. Where do I find required textbook information on the course I am enrolled in at OSU?

    For each class you are enrolled in at OSU, you will have a Carmen page. On this system you are able to see the class syllabus that contain information about required text books, the quizzes and assignments of the class, and class materials. You are granted access once you are enrolled in the class and it is closer to the start of terms.

  • 5. What is the grading scale at OSU?

    Classes at the Ohio State University are graded A to E or S/U. More information on grades at OSU can be found on OSU's Academic Advising page.

  • 6. When and where do I get my OSU transcript?

    After you have completed your semester at Fisher, an electronic copy of your OSU transcript will be sent to your home university. This will usually take about a month or two after the end of exams. If you would need hard copies please notify the Exchange Coordinator.

    Should you need additional copies of your transcript, you will have to make a request to the OSU Registrar. You will have to pay a fee for additional copies of your transcript. 

Student Life at OSU