Welcome to the The Ohio State University (OSU), Office of Global Business at Fisher College of Business. We are delighted you are considering an exchange term at OSU. For more details, please read below!

Why Fisher College of Business?

Chicago, Illinois"It's an optimum location for traveling and visiting the East Coast, it allows to live in one of the biggest college campus in the US and thus experience at best the real american college life, great school, nice people!"
- AU 2017 Inbound Exchange Student
Photo: Showing OSU pride with O-H-I-O pose in Chicago, Illinois


  • Program Snapshot

    Introduction to OSU


    You must attend the following three orientation sessions upon arrival in the U.S.

    • Office of International Affairs (OIA) orientation session (register online)
    • Office of International Affairs (OIA) immigration check-in session (register online)
    • Fisher College of Business's orientation session

    Academic Calendar

    Autumn semester (Aug-Dec) and/or Spring semester (Jan-May)

    The offical academic calendar can be found on the University Registrar page.


    After you complete your application, undergraduate students must enroll in 12-18 OSU credits, of which 6 OSU credits must be business courses. OSU consideres the following codes as business courses:

    • Accounting and MIS (CODE: ACCTMIS)
    • Business Administration (CODE: BUSADM)
    • Business Finance (CODE: BUSFIN)
    • Management Sciences (CODE: BUSMGT)
    • Management and Human Resources (CODE: BUSMHR)
    • Marketing and Logistics (CODE: BUSML)

    To obtain course details and syllabi, please visit the Inbound FAQ page.

    Other Notes and Information

    Grade and Credit Conversion

    Check with your home university how course grades and credits convert back to your home university.

    Program Contact

    Should you have any questions, not answered on the webpage, contact Kozue Isozaki (isozaki.1@osu.edu)

  • Program Cost and Payment Information

    Estimated Cost Items

    You will pay your tuition at your home school like any other term and your tuition at OSU will be waived. However, there are fees which all OSU students pay, including you as an exchange student. For details on the cost and payment options, please visit the Inbound FAQ page.

    Payment Instructions

    STEP 1: Pay your OSU student fees by the deadline.

    The OSU student fees will be charged to your OSU University Statement of Account. Fees will charge about a month before the semester starts and it is recommended that you pay the fee immediately after it shows on your student account. You must pay by OSU's payment deadlines, according to the OSU tuition and fees deadlines, for each semester you attend OSU. If you do not see the fees, notify the exchange coordintor immediately.

    STEP 2: Pay any additional OSU student fees before you leave.

    Should you use OSU services which charge a fee (library late fees, lab fees, etc.), this may show on your OSU Statement of Account. Make sure you pay all fees before you depart from the U.S. Any remaining fees will pervent the dispatch of your OSU transcript.

  • Eligibility

    You must be officially nominated by your home university to Fisher College of Business. We do not accept students who are not nominated by our exchange partner institutions.

    It is required that you have a sufficent level of English proficency to be successful during your studies at OSU. Check the application process section for details.

  • Application Process

    Application Steps

    The nomination/application deadline is March 15 for Autumn Semester and October 1​ for Spring Semester.

    • Nomination
      You will receive an email with application instructions after you have been nominated by your Home Institution.
    • Complete your Online Application and Submit Required Documents
      Complete the Undergraduate application for admission to Fisher College of Business. Check out the "UG Online Application Instructions" below for details.
    • Check your Application Status Online
      You will receive a system email confirming that your application has been received, and you are able to check your application status online by accessing the link on the system email you receive.

    Application Documents

    You must collect and submit the following items on the online application:

    • Official Academic Transcript in English from your Home Institution
    • Proof of Financial Support Form
    • Bank Statement or Bank Letter in English
      This must show the required amount specified on the Financial Support Form and the bank holders name that should be the same person signing the Financial Support Form. The currency code must be clearly stated on the document. (i.e.: USD, AUD, SGD, etc.)
    • Scanned Passport of the full page where name appears (High resolution color copy)
    • Proof of English Proficiency
      This can be verified by two ways:
      1) A formal letter from your Home University verifying that the courses on your transcript are taught in English.
      2) Request your test provider to send an offical TOEFL score letter, with the appropriate level of proficiency, to OSU's UG Admissions Office (The approved level/score can be found on OSU's Undergraduate international student application webpage, under STEP 4.)
  • UG Online Application Instructions 

    Apply on the Undergraduate Application

    Select the "Undergraduate" category, then "Undergraduate Non Degree International".  Under the "Academic Program/Plan" field, enter "Business" then click "Search" and select "Business Incoming Exchange Program".
    IMPORTANT! Apply to the "Business Incoming Exchange Program" or you will be unable to apply an application fee waiver. 

    Create your account online:

    • Save your username and password for future reference.

    Complete your online application form:

    • Make sure you enter your Personal Data exactly as it appears in your passport. Mistakes in name spelling, gender, etc. will result in complications later in the process.
    • For the Citizenship under Personal Data, select the J1 visa for the requesting visa type.
    • For the Address Outside of the United States under Contact Data, please select an address where you can receive your Notice of Admission and DS-2019.
    • For Residency Information under Contact Data, enter the Emergency Contact's Name including the relation with your conatct in parenthesis. (i.e. Brutus Buckeye (Father), etc.)
    • If any of the State/Province field search box does not list your correct location, please keep blank.
    • Submit your home institution transcript on the "Academic Data" tab, under “Universities/Colleges”.
    • Upload all required documents under the appropriate upload box on the online application.

    Other Information:

    • As an applicant to OSU you are required to answer questions regarding any criminal and/or disciplinary record you might have.

    Application Fee payment page:

    • If you have selected the correct application, your application fee waiver will be automaticly applied.
    • If you select the wrong application and pay the application fee, you will not get it refunded.

    Make corrections to your data:

    • If there are any sections in which you have omitted a required field or entered data incorrectly, you will have to contact the Exchange Coordnator to report changes.

    Submit the online application:

    • Check your form carefully. When you are ready to submit, click the button “Submit” at the bottom of the last page. This saves your data in final form.


  • Before Departure

    Welcome Packet

    You will receive a welcome packet after you are admitted into OSU, which will include the following important documents:

    • Official Notice of Admission
    • DS 2019 Visa Application Documentation
    • Fisher Welcome Letter


    Apply for your J-1 visa as soon as you receive your welcome packet. Follow instructions on the U.S. J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program.

    Notice: If you are considering to engage in an internship or other work opportunity in the United States prior to your exchange program, and it will end less than one month prior to the start of your exchange semester, you must be in contact with the Fisher College Office of Global Business (Isozaki.1@osu.edu) and the Office of International Affairs (iss@osu.edu) well in advance to discuss your plans. Be aware that if you enter the U.S. in J-1 status for an internship, you will be required to depart from the country after the internship is over and apply for a new J-1 visa using your Ohio State DS-2019 before you can re-enter for your exchange program. You cannot change J-1 category within the U.S., you cannot use the same J-1 visa for both programs, and you cannot be issued two J-1 visas by the consulate at the same time.

    If you are planning to engage in an internship after your term at OSU, please still contact Fisher College Office of Global Business (Isozaki.1@osu.edu) and the Office of International Affairs (iss@osu.edu), to discuss the process for applying for J-1 Academic Training. With Academic Training, you could remain in the U.S. on your Ohio State J-1 record for the duration of the internship/work opportunity.

    Activate your OSU Student Account

    You must activiate your OSU account to allow you to:

    1. Receive important information from OSU (Housing, Arrival Information, Orientation, etc.)
    2. Allow OSU to enroll you into courses 


    Activating your account is a two-step process, where you first activate your OSU account (https://my.osu.edu/ / How to Activate my OSU Account) then activate your OSU email (https://email.osu.edu/ / Logging Into BuckeyeMail)

    Questions/problems on activating your OSU account and/or OSU email, please contact the helpdesk at 8help@osu.edu or you can call 614-688- 4357.

    Select Courses

    Undergraduate students must enroll in 12-18 OSU credits, of which 6 OSU credits must be business courses per semester. You are able to select and request enrollment into OSU's courses after you have been admitted to OSU.

    Make sure you login to your OSU account and "commit" to attend OSU under your "Admissions" section (also known as the "University Community Enrollment Review" process) and complete your "Financial Responsibility Statement" under the "To Do List". This will give our academic advisors access to enroll you into courses at OSU. For a better chance to enroll in your preferred courses, it is advised that students submit requests before March 25 for Autumn, and October 20 for Spring term. You will be able to change courses in the first week of the semester start, should you need any adjustments.

    Vaccination Requirements

    You must complete the three (3) components to OSU's Vaccination Requirement. Find more information on OSU’s Student Health Service page. You may need to receive a signature from a licensed medical provider to complete the requirements, so it is advised that you complete this before you arrive in the U.S.

    Student Health Insurance

    All international students are required to purchase the OSU Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan and will be automatically enrolled once approved to attend OSU. Should you have question on the insurance, visit http://shi.osu.edu/ for more information.


    Be prepared to find Off-Campus housing. Make sure you have a written and signed contract for your accomodation, listing rules and expectations that you can agree to. It is advised that you use precaution when comitting to any kind of accomodation (check condition of housing, people you are living with, etc.), whether with individual or vendor, since you will be responsible for any issues that may arise. OSU is unable to legally represent you should such a situation arise. Refer to the "Cost of Living and Housing" section on the Inbound FAQ page for further information and helpful tools (i.e. Safety Map Off-Campus  Resources, etc.). 

    International Flight

    Book your travel to arrive on campus in time for your orientation sessions and prior to the start of the term. You may not be late for the start of classes at OSU.

    Pay your Student Fees

    You will have to pay the students fees by the fee payment deadline for the semster you are attending OSU. Deadlines can be found on the OSU's Academic Calendar. If paid later than the payment deadline, you will be charged late fees, so pay on time to avoid such a situation. For information on cost and payments options, visit the Inbound FAQ page.

    Other Information

  • While at OSU


    You are required to attend the following two orientations upon arrival in the U.S.

    Office of International Affairs (OIA) check-in and orientation

    • You must register for a session on their webpage.

    Fisher College of Business orientation

    • Autumn 2018 Orientation Dates: August 20, 2018
    • Spring 2019 Orientation Dates: January 4, 2019

    Maintaining your J-1 Visa Status

    Make sure you maintain a lawful status of your J-1 Student Visa while you attend OSU. Failure to do this may result in deporting you from the U.S.

    Finalizing your Courses at OSU

    You will have a one week window at the start of the semester to add/drop courses and finalize your courses at OSU.

    Make the Most of Your Time at OSU

    You may find more information on the Inbound FAQ page.

  • Returning to your Home Country

    Before you Return

    Make sure you complete all items listed below before you depart back to your home country.

    • Fees/Holds
      Pay all fees (student, library, etc.) and resolve any holds on your OSU account before you leave. The Exchange Coordinator will not be able to obtain your transcript if you have not paid all fees in full or you have remaining holds on your account.
    • Housing
      Please be sure to arrange final departure dates with your Off-campus housings and depart on the dates that have been agreed on. Make sure you leave the place in the same condition as you have found it.
    • Survey
      A survey will be sent to you after your completion of your exchange program. Complete this survey.
    • Other Documents
      If you need signatures on any documents from your home university, please inform the Exchange Coordinator.

    Transcript Process

    Transcripts will be sent via email to your OSU email and your home university coordinator email, 1-2 months after the end of the semester. Should your home institution need the original hard copy sent, notify the exchange coordinator. More information on transcripts can be found on the Inbound FAQ page.

    Keep in Touch

    If you wish to continue to keep in touch with OSU, please provide your email on the survey we distribute to you at the end of the exchange program.

    It is highly recommend keeping your DS-2019, J-1 visa and I-94 print-outs for your records. If you apply for a new visa to return to the U.S. in the future, or apply for a change of status in the U.S. one day, you would probably be asked for copies.


Should you have any additional questions, check out the Inbound FAQ page!