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Summer Global Internship Program

This 8-week program places students in full-time, unpaid internship opportunities that enhance global competencies, create international networks, and build compelling resumes. This setting will provide a meaningful business internship and an extensive cultural experience that can give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Walk-In Hours:

  • Monday, January 14, 12-3pm, Mason Hall 229
  • Tuesday, January 15, 8:30am-5:30pm, Mason Hall 239


Explore below for more information

  • General Program Information

    This 8-week program places students around the world in full-time, unpaid internship opportunities that enhance global competencies, create international networks, and build compelling resumes. Program location options: Australia, Chicago, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, NYC, Portugal, Singapore and Spain! 

    Program Timeline

    • Application is open until January 15, 2019!
    • Deposit ($1,000 non-refundable):
      • Due prior to beginning internship placement process
      • Due 2 weeks after acceptance
      • Due by January 31, 2019 if accepted around or after January 15, 2019
    • Program Fee:
      • Due February 15, 2019
        • Program Fee - Deposit = Amount due February 15
        • Program Fee varies depending on program location
    • Pre-departure online 1-credit course (required):
      • Spring Semester Session 2
        • Must have equal to or less than 17 credit hours scheduled in Spring Semester 2019
      • Each student is required to attend one of the following in-person sessions:
        • Saturday, March 23
        • Saturday, April 6
    • Departure and Return Program Dates:
      • Vary depending on location

    Program Fee Includes:

    Students who pay their $1,000 non-refundable deposit prior to December 1 will receive a $500 scholarship for this program!

    • Shared accomodations located near center of the city
    • 24hr Resident Director in-country
    • Internship placement
    • Airport transfer
    • In-Country Orientation
    • In-Country Welcome and Farewell Activities 


    Program Fee Does Not Include:

    The cost of the following vary depending on location of internship:

    • Round-trip airfare
    • Daily food/entertainment expenses
    • Additional travel i.e. weekend excursions
    • Visas (if applicable, varies)
    • Required OSU International GeoBlue Student Health Insurance 
    • Transportation in-city


    Required Course

    • BUSADM 4189 Advanced Field Study (1-credit) 
      • This is an online course with required in-person meetings
        • Dates: TBA
    • Must take equal to or less than 17 credit hours during Spring Semester 2019
    • Enrollment by Instructor ONLY


    Program Locations:


  • Eligibility

    All applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • GPA of 3.0 or greater
      • Freshman and first semester transfer students are able to apply once your final Fall 2018 grades are posted as you need an OSU GPA to apply
    • Not graduating Spring 2019
    • Course Requirements before departure May 2019 (for business students):
    • TOEFL Score: 90 or above (NYC and Chicago Applicants ONLY)
    • Valid Passport:
      • Not required for application but you must have passport at the time of visa application or departure, which ever comes first
      • Passport expiration date must be after January 1, 2020
    • Good Standing with Office of Student Conduct
      • The Office of Global Business checks official standing at time of application and prior to departure
      • If your status changes at any time it is your responsibility to inform the Program Manager within the Office of Global Business


    • Application Process

      The Summer Global Internship Program application is now open and the deadline to apply is January 15, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. You may only submit ONE completed application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications are processed on a rolling basis.

      Application Timeline:

      • Applications submitted before a checkpoint will be evaluated after the dates has past and students will be notified mid-way through the following month
        • Ex: Complete application submitted on September 5, 2018, application will be processed after September 28 and student will be notified mid-October regarding their application status
      • Checkpoints:
        • September 28, 2018
        • October 26, 2018
        • November 30, 2018
        • January 4, 2019
        • January 15, 2019


      Application Documents

      • Resume
        • Submitted in PDF
        • The resume submitted with the application will be shared with companies who make the final decision on whether or not to hire a particular student. Your resume is the starting point for your internship placement so make sure it is up-to-date and accurately reflects your competence in the best possible way.
          • For assistance: reference this guide
      • Resume Review Agreement (OPTIONAL)
      • Personal Statement
        • One page
        • Submit as PDF
        • Including:
          • HEADER: Name, Location Applying to, Date

          • INTRO: Why you are applying to SGIP and your specific location?

          • BODY: Details about the kind of company, industry, or scope of internship you expect, what your expectations are for your internship placement and how you are qualified for this internship request.

          • CONCLUSION: Why you are a good candidate for this program and how you will benefit from it?


    • Internship Placement Process

      This program guarantees each student a placement in an eight-week (5 days per week during company's normal office hours) unpaid internship with a company, organization, or government agency relevant to your academic interest. 

      • This process is a rolling process, the sooner you apply, get accepted and pay your deposit, the sooner the internship placement process begins.


      Placement Process

      Each student will go through the following steps to be placed into an internship. Understand that the information provided in the program application will be shared with companies who make the final decision whether or not to host a particular student.

      1. Receive Acceptance into Program
      2. Pay Program Deposit ($1,000 non-refundable)
        • Deposit payment is due within 2 weeks of acceptance into the program
        • Students who paid their $1,000 non-refundable deposit prior to December 1 will receive a $500 scholarship towards this program!
      3. Initial Placement Interview will be conducted on campus or via skype after acceptance into the program and payment of program deposit. The interview will be with the Placement Team. Every effort will be made to provide you the optimal internship experience. It will be very important to concisely describe to the Placement Team the kind of internship experience you seek. Be very realistic about your expectations to be placed in certain kinds of internship positions if you have little or no direct work experience. Be sure to research your selected location, industries of interest and ideal internship position before your interview!
        • The placement teams partner with the Office of Global Business to facilitate the internship placements, in-country logistics and provide the in-country experience.
          • The placement team carefully matches students' skillsets with internship position descriptions. They share the students' resumes with various companies that match the students' requested profile and the company then decides who they will hire.
      4. Resume sent to multiple companies
      5. Program Fee Payment
      6. After your Initial Placement Interview, you may be asked to conduct a company interview as well. The Placement Team will be in touch with you to confirm interview details. Not every company requires an interview with the student and that is not out of the ordinary - again this depends on the host company and its processes.
      7. Details regarding your Internship Placement will be disclosed as soon as possible. The placement process and timeline varies student to student and is dependent on the host companies' timeline. Please do not worry if another student has information on a placement but you have not yet heard.


      Placement Disclosure

      While we guarantee you a meaningful business internship, you must be realistic about the level of internship in which you will be placed. If you have limited or no work experience, no specialization coursed completed, limited leadership experience, or other kinds of business-related activities, you will be matched with an entry-level position in your requested discipline and industry. Everyone must start somewhere. However, if you do have a more robust resume, we'll do everything we can to match you to a higher-level position. 

    • Cancellation Policy

      Cancellation Policy

      • Should a student decide that they do not want to go on the program after acceptance has been offered and accepted, the student will not receive a refund of any amount paid. We begin searching for their internship from the time they apply, so no refunds of the deposit or program fee will be issued. The deposit immediately secures the student's spot in the accomodations and on the program. If a student is deemed ineligible after payment of either the deposit or program fee, there will be no refund.

    Additional Resources:

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