Office of Global Business
Global Applied Projects (GAP)

GAP is an experiential learning course that prepares students for global business through an immersive, hands-on business consulting experience in a location outside of the USA.  However, this year all GAP projects will be completed virtually, and there will be no in-country travel during the COVID pandemic.

Students work as a virtual team to apply, integrate, and focus skills that address an organization's global business challenge or opportunity. Competencies developed include: gaining project management, industry and cultural expertise; practicing leadership, global communication, and teamwork skills; honing data collection and analytic skills; synthesizing information to draw relevant conclusions and make actionable recommendations; and crafting compelling presentations.


  • Program Snapshot


    Global Applied Projects (GAP) is a 3 credit hour, graded, elective course that enables students to lead, plan, and execute global consulting engagements across multiple functional areas for a wide variety of corporations, not-for-profits, and governments in locations outside of the USA.

    GAP engagements are actual consulting projects, sourced by Fisher College of Business for real clients who expect the same quality of deliverables, adherence to deadlines, positive teamwork and intense work hours that they would receive from a top consulting firm.

    A GAP engagement begins in fall semester when the client and Fisher College of Business define the business problem and formulate a high-level scope. In late January, student participation begins with the selection of MBA team members chosen to meet the needs of the project. Over the next ten weeks, this team, advised by a faculty functional expert, devotes over 1,200 person-hours to the business challenge. Students attend mandatory weekly classes that teach best practices in project management and global consulting, and develop a keen awareness of the cultural and business environment; meet regularly with their teams, advisors, and clients; and submit class assignments that support the development and execution of the individual projects. A key component and success factor has been a two and one-half week, in-country, primary research phase that occurs in early May. The project culminates at the end of the in-country phase with a presentation of findings, an in-depth analysis, and specific, actionable recommendations to the client.  However, this year each consulting project will be completed virtually, and the in-country travel has been cancelled due to COVID and global travel restrictions.


    • MHR 7022 Global Applied Projects. 3 credit; graded; Spring Semester, Session Two.

    • The virtual classroom portion of GAP focuses on project management, global culture, and initial project preparation. 
    • Students enroll themselves into the GAP class once they are accepted for a specific project team. 


    Locations vary based on the projects available for the current year. Past locations include: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, UK;  China, Malaysia, Thailand, India; Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya,Tanzania; UAE; Mexico and Canada,

    • Student travel for May 2021 has been cancelled.


    All first-year FTMBA students who will complete the MBA core curriculum by Spring Semester of their first year can apply. All WPMBA students should complete 18 hours of graded coursework -- including Data Analytics and excluding electives and independent studies.

    Program Contacts:

    Roger Bailey, Faculty Director for Full-time MBA Program,

    Joyce Steffan, Senior Director, Office of Global Business,

    Kevin Beran, Senior Project Manager, Experiential Learning,

  • Eligibility

    GAP eligibility and participation are based on a student being fully prepared for the multidisciplinary aspect of GAP projects. Therefore, the GAP program is open to applicants who meet the following criteria:


    • First-year students who have completed the core by end of Spring Semester and are in good academic standing.


    • WP-MBA students in good academic standing who have completed 18 hours of graded coursework--including Data Analytics and excluding Independent Study credits.
  • Application Process


    The GAP application window will be open starting September 16 through October 15, 2020 at the link below. 

    1. An interested student should complete the application and submit all required documents. An application is considered incomplete until all documents are submitted. 
    2. Accepted applicants will receive subsequent emails about next steps for projects selection.


    Have the following documents ready before starting the online application process:

    • Updated Resume. Attach the resume as a properly labeled PDF (name. document. Sample: Jones.James.Resume). For assistance with creating an updated and professionally formatted resume, make an appointment with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management.
    • Personal Statement (one- to two-page attached PDF):
      • Identify professional, academic, and personal goals of participating in the GAP program
      • Rank 3-5 competencies listed on the application that you feel are your strengths and 3-5 competencies you would like to improve as a result of this global experiential learning opportunity.  

    Click Here for Application

  • Project Placement


    To be placed on a GAP team, students must do the following:

    1. Complete an online GAP application after attending a GAP Zoom Information Session.
    2. If placed in the candidate pool, select up to 3 available project scopes to indicate interest.
    3. Accept the project placement within 24 hours. Failure to respond will result in being removed from the project and placed on the waitlist.

    The GAP Leadership Team finalizes all team assignments; teams do not self-select. Project "swapping" with other students is not allowed.


    • Placements will vary based on the fit between the project requirements and factors such as student background, skills, functional expertise, and language abilities.
    • In addition, the student's project selection and faculty recommendations will be taken into account for team placement.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact Joyce Steffan, Senior Director, Office of Global Business,