Fisher Inclusion Champions

2023 FICP Recipients

The purpose of the Fisher Inclusion Champions Program (FICP) is to deepen the college’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by further educating Fisher community members about relevant DEI topics. The FICP also seeks to empower participants to apply this knowledge and to intentionally engage them in relevant activities and projects. The result is a college-wide effort to promote a more inclusive and equitable experience for all at Fisher and beyond.  

FICP cohort members are required to participate in two university DEI trainings or workshops as well as a minimum of two activities that supports any of our diverse or underrepresented populations at Fisher. Individuals who complete the program will be designated as Fisher Inclusion Champions for one academic year. Fisher Inclusion Champions will also be honored at the college’s annual Diversity Awards luncheon each spring. Students, faculty and staff will need to participate on a yearly basis to maintain their FICP designation.  

For the 2023-2024 academic year, enrollment in FICP will open shortly. To learn more please contact Amy Weisbach at or

2023 Fisher Inclusion Champions

Students Faculty Staff
Abrams, Alyssa Arya, Anil Allender, Nicole
Bako, Iko Chandrasekaran, Arvind Amstutz, Jared
Branch, Winston Clark, Susan Bader, Kim
Dong, Qingyuan Draper, John Bledsoe, Audrey
Ezquerra, Juan Dumas, Tracy Clarridge, Karen
Lum, Brian Esper, Terry Conklin, Hannah
Mao, Hsueh-Yi Glenn, Jennifer Cooper, Tiffany
Shields, Austin Goodman, Joe Diaz, Ivette
Weingartner, Michelle Haugtvedt, Curtis DiCamillo, Dominic
Yavic, Zeynip Hill, James DiFeo, Melanie
  Kielty, Patrick Faherty, Lauren
  Lount, Robert Flinn, Patti
  Makhija, Anil Gilbertson, Nancy
  Mantonya, Whitney Gombos, Gretchen
  Minton, Bernadette Gomez-Bellenge, Francisco
  Mittendorf, Brian Hambley, Patti
  Prud'homme, Andrea Harper, Marlena
  Salopek, Steve Harrison, David
  Schroeder, Bonnie Hensel, Julianne
  Sheneman, Amy Holley, Twhila
  Shepfer, Ty Hutchinson, Caitlin
  Shull, Heidi Jefferson, Patricia
  Srikanth, Kannan Johnson, Tai
  Talke, Ismael Jones, Allison
  Tepper, Ben Kallach, Amanda
  Turner, Cynthia Lithgow, Jana
  Zipfel, Chad Ludwig, Betsy
    Mascarenhas, Noella
    Matthews-Mead, Jamie
    Mathiesen, Kelly
    McAndrew, Jennie
    McLendon, Jennifer
    Medors, Stephanie
    Mellett, Katie
    Mercer, Jennifer
    O'Neill, Jill
    Pennyman, Lorraine
    Pittman, Jackie
    Reo, Kelly
    Scheid, Kathryn
    Steenrod, Sarah
    Watercutter, Bill
    Weisbach, Amy
    Whitaker, Darius
    Williams, Kiera
    Williams, Mandy