Fisher Inclusion Champions

Group photo of Fisher faculty, staff and students

The purpose of the Fisher Inclusion Champions Program (FICP) is to deepen the college’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by further educating Fisher community members about relevant DEI topics. The FICP also seeks to empower participants to apply this knowledge and to intentionally engage them in relevant activities and projects. The result is a college-wide effort to promote a more inclusive and equitable experience for all at Fisher and beyond.  

FICP cohort members are required to participate in two university DEI trainings or workshops as well as a minimum of two activities that supports any of our diverse or underrepresented populations at Fisher. Individuals who complete the program will be designated as Fisher Inclusion Champions for one academic year. Fisher Inclusion Champions will also be honored at the college’s annual Diversity Awards luncheon each spring. Students, faculty and staff will need to participate on a yearly basis to maintain their FICP designation.  

For the 2022-2023 academic year, enrollment in FICP is open until 10/31. To learn more please contact Amy Weisbach at

2022 Fisher Inclusion Champions

Students Faculty Staff
Burks, Jonathan Chandrasakaran, Aravind Culbertson, Katie
Charles, Chianne Croxton, Keely Dicamillo, Dominic
Chopp, Anna Deng, Xiaoyang DiFeo, Melanie
Cropper, Raahkema Feustal, Laura Fair, Sloane
Dapash, Marie Greco, Ralph Gomez-Bellenge, Francisco
Friis, Olivia Kielty, Patrick Harrison, David
Grein, Mary Knemeyer, Michael Hartman, Sara
Hall, Jaelyn Lount, Robert Holley, Twhila
Hall, Niya Makhija, Anil James, Aaron
Hamblin, Heidi McCormick, Mary Beth Jefferson, Trish
Hasenwinkle, Olivia Minton, Bernadette Lithgow, Jana
Hollander Tineo, Claudia rensi Mittendorf, Brian Mangia, Sarah
Jones, Joseph Prud’homme, Andrea Mathews-Mead, Jamie
Katz, Michael Reczek, Rebecca North, Paul
Lopez-Ramirez, Carmen Maria Schroeder, Bonnie O’Neill, Jill
Magana, Elizabeth Sheneman, Amy Pennyman, Lorraine
Mathis, Jasmine Shepfer, Tyler Rensink, John
Morton, Cristian Shull, Heidi Reo, Kelly
Mosbly, Dominique Stuckwisch, Stephen Shanahan, Jen
Natividad Mendez, Nicole Tepper, Ben Steenrod, Sarah
Ofori, Tiffany Turner, Cynthia Watercutter, William
Parra, Mauricio Wapner, Stephanie Weisbach, Amy
Posk, Brandon Whittington, Robert Whitaker, Darius
Rajput, Neha    
Spivey, Ti’ara    
Tchounguen, Grace    
Vallota, Carli    
Watkins, Will    
Williams, Jordan    
Yavic, Zeynip