Operational Excellence
Total Productive Maintenance Certification Program

Moving from a reactive maintenance organization to a proactive maintenance organization requires constant improvement in the way the maintenance process is managed. To reach this goal, you must build a maintenance organization unburdened by firefighting and focused on preventive, scheduled and corrective maintenance activities. For it is only when you have achieved a stable maintenance operation that you can reach your overall improvement goals.

For over thirty years Productivity has been helping companies improve their maintenance operations through the implementation of TPM. Working in concert with the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, Productivity has combined years of TPM implementation experience with the resources of one of the top business schools in the country to create the Total Productive Maintenance Certification Program.

Over four non-consecutive weeks you will participate in a series of learning modules, then in between the weeks of training you will be required to apply the methods to operations at your own company.

Program Requirements and Information

To be considered for this program, you must be affiliated with a manufacturing or service organization actively pursuing process improvement techniques. You should also have a fundamental understanding of TPM and supporting Lean techniques.

Participants who successfully complete the four-week training and mentoring program, pass the certification exam and demonstrate successful implementation of the techniques in their own facility are then certified by Productivity, Inc. and the Fisher College of Business as TPM Managers.

Who: Corporate and plant leaders charged with directing the maintenance organization and implementing a reliable method for improving the maintenance process.
LOCATION: Fisher College of Business, Pfahl Hall

Spring Session 2023
Week 1: March 27 – 31, 2023
Week 2: April 24 – 28, 2023
Week 3: May 15 – 19, 2023
Week 4: June 12 – 15, 2023

Fall Session 2023
Week 1: September 18 – 22, 2023
Week 2: October 16 – 20, 2023
Week 3: November 13 – 17, 2023
Week 4: December 4 – 7, 2023

COST: $16,500
Prerequisites: Each participant must have a corporate sponsor to attest to the participant’s qualification and to the results achieved through the homework assignments.
CECS: 16 CEU (Continuing Education Unit)
160 CPE (Ohio CPA)

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Register - Fall 2023

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Program Faculty:

Fisher College of Business

  • Jurriaan de Jong - Faculty Liaison, Senior Lecturer, Operations and Business Analytics Department
  • John Draper - Assistant Professor, Operations and Business Analytics Department

Productivity, Inc

Program participants will:

  • Establish and customize an internal TPM Implementation strategy.
  • Properly use machine performance data to identify and execute a Tactical Action Plan for success.
  • Justify and implement a complete maintenance planning and scheduling process.
  • Conduct and lead Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen events.
  • Establish a baseline for data collection and understand the use of the metric of OEE.
  • Understand the need for and conduct breakdown analysis reviews.
  • Organize and control spare parts.
  • Use the principles of Early Equipment Management to guide, mentor, and coach project managers, department managers, and team leaders in the use of specific improvement tools and methods.

For information or questions regarding registration, please contact Abbey Christian at christian.276@osu.edu or 614-292-1029.

If you'd like to discuss your educational options and need assistance in determining the best fit for you, please contact Stephanie Medors at Medors.15@osu.edu or at 614-292-7553.