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Digital technologies, products, principles and practices are changing the face of business. The impact, and the promise, crosses over all areas of the organization: from product development to operations, from marketing to customer service, from finance to HR. And, more than a technical enabler, digital needs to be at the core of business strategy.

Equally important is the impact of digital on consumer’s lives. It is changing how they work, how they play, how they care for their families and homes and it continues to change what they expect and how they engage with each other, and with business.

Yet, the adoption and application of digital across business is slow going. There are many reasons for this, one of which we can impact directly.

Fisher College of Business Execution Education offers an array of programs designed to upskill and reskill IT professionals to thrive in the digital future. Please see below for our current offerings.

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Stephanie Medors
Assistant Director of Client Services