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At its core, leadership is not about acquiring followers, it’s about creating other leaders. This requires a combination of personal introspection and authenticity, combined with essential skills. Our current leadership offerings are below. If you're interested in creating a custom opportunity for your organization, contact Beth Miller at or at 614-292-8575.


  • Small Business Investor Alliance - Next Level

    Next Level is a one-of-a-kind executive development program that focuses on cultivating leaders and developing trusting relationships between investors and their portfolio companies. The program is designed to impart a distinct set of organizational, economic, and management strategies that support executive leaders within the lower middle market.

    Who should attend:

    • Senior-Level Leaders
    • Portfolio Company Executives

    Why attend?

    Gain a competitive advantage in just three days, with Next Level’s intensive educational program. The program expands your leadership skills and equips you with the expertise for handling relevant challenges that affect small business and prepares you for the next level of growth. The Next Level program emphasizes the cohesiveness between investors and their portfolio companies and builds a solid foundation for executives to be successful in managing a company with institutional capital.

    More about Next Level

    Developed in partnership with the renowned National Center for the Middle Market and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business Executive Education, this is the only well-respected educational program that combines the expertise of the lower middle market with real-life experiences of executives and winning strategies and practices from an array of highly distinguished educators and business professionals, professionals, all focused on the lower middle market.

    The Next Level executive education program is offered by the Small Business Investor Alliance.

    For 2019, the Next Level program is available for nonmembers.




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