Presentations from recipients of the Leadership Research Grant
Leadership Research Forum

Presentation at the Leadership Research Forum

The Leadership Research Forum is an opportunity for students, staff, faculty and practitioners across industry to learn and discuss leadership with the recipients of the 2019-2020 Leadership Research Grant. Recipients of the grant introduced their cross-disciplinary research and discuss its implications in a panel-style setting. This year, the Leadership Research Forum took place over a three-part virtual panel webinar series.

Panel 1: Effective Leadership in Organizations

Moderated by Joseph A. Alutto, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Fisher College of Business

What are the key elements that make a leader effective? In this panel, four research teams from Fisher College of Business discuss effective leadership from different perspectives, such as the fit between leadership competency and corporate performance goals, how to identify leadership potential, leader commitments and organization climate. The impacts of leadership on various individual and organizational outcomes will also be explored.


Panel 2: Leadership and Social Change

Moderated by Cynthia Turner, PhD, Asst. Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Fisher College of Business

Leaders play important roles in enacting positive social change. Effective leadership training and development efforts are especially important in helping build leaders for a virtuous and diverse society. This panel features four studies that help us understand how carefully designed leadership programs and interventions can help select and train leaders for positive social outcomes in different fields.

View the recorded "Leadership and Social Change" webinar here


Panel 3: Special Topics in Leadership

Moderated by Russell Hassan, PhD, Associate Professor, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Leadership can be developed via many different ways. This panel consists a variety of studies on innovative leadership development methods from the fields of engineering, public policy, and nursing. These methods include: benchmark learning, artificial intelligence, and evidence-based development practices. The impacts of these developmental efforts on leaders will also be discussed.

View the recorded "Special Topics in Leadership" webinar here

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