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BA 4191

0-credit course for students interning full-time during fall or spring semester

Business Administration 4191 is a zero credit course that keeps students' "full-time registered student status" active with Ohio State. If you are going to be out on a full-time internship (30 hours/week minimum) during fall or spring semester, it may be very important for you to keep your status as a registered student at Ohio State. If you are interning summer semester you probably do not need to be considered a "registered student at Ohio State." However, you can enroll in BA 4191 during summer semester if you need to.

To enroll in BA 4191, please call our office (614-292-6024) and set up an appointment with a Career Consultant. You'll need to bring a copy of your company offer letter with you to the appointment.

BA 4191 is optional. When students do not register for classes for a semester other than summer, they are put on Leave of Absence (LOA) in the Student Information System. This allows you to continue to receive email from Ohio State – so you should receive information about your scheduling window for summer and fall semesters. It is a good idea when you complete your internship to notify your advisor to take your LOA status off of your SIS record as you will be returning to classes.

Advantages of BA 4191

  • Provides you with a “full-time registered student status” with the Registrar (even though you are not earning credit,) which may protect:
    - Your financial aid status for loan deferment purposes
    - Eligibility for athletic tickets

The Office of Career Management cannot advise you on how BA 4191 will affect different forms of aid – see a Financial Aid Counselor. Keep in mind, “full time registered student status” is not the same as being enrolled in 12 credit hours.