Marketing & Logistics
Undergraduate Marketing

Students collaborating in a classroom

Undergraduates student majoring in marketing complete four required courses. In addition, students will complete four electives from a set of varied course offerings in the areas of distribution, services, global marketing and retailing.

  • BUSM&L 4201: Consumer Behavior
  • BUSM&L 4202: Marketing Research
  • BUSM&L 4203: Marketing Strategy
  • BUSM&L 4204: Marketing Projects

Marketing Major Concentrations

Through collaboration between faculty, alumni and industry leaders, the Department or Marketing and Logistics has created four tracks within the marketing major: Research Analyst, Client Management, Marketing Communications Specialist and Marketing Innovation Specialist. Students pursing one of the four tracks are expected to have more intellectual experience in their respective areas of interest and be more competitive job seekers. While pursuing a track is optional, it is highly recommended. Students choosing to pursue a track will have the same degree and major credit hour requirements as students not pursuing a track.

Dual Major

Students intending to dual major in marketing and logistics will be able to count a few of the elective courses in marketing toward a major in logistics, and vice-versa. Students interested in a dual major should meet with an academic advisor.