Pace Setters Awards
Jack W. Stephenson Award

The Jack W. Stephenson Award is presented each year to students with outstanding scholastic leadership and athletic accomplishments. Jack Stephenson was an alumnus with a high regard for Fisher College of Business who made substantial contributions to Ohio State’s athletic program. Just prior to his death in 1971, he served as chairman of the Pace Setters Board.


2019 Lara Tarvit
2018 Clay Raterman
2017 Niki Miyashiro
2016 Michael Brajdic
2015 Melissa Rennie
2014 Claire Sasowsky
2013 Jeff Kessler
2012 Sean Moore
2011 Ulrike Denker
2010 Anna D. Szerszen
2009 Brian Anthony Robiskie
2008 Alex Picazo
2007 Emily C Francis
2006 Shayla M Moore
2005 Sarah Ann Obee
2004 Heather Ann Miller
2003 Suzanne Marie Stiling