The Pace Setters Faculty Research Award was established to recognize a Fisher College of Business faculty member who has made a notable research contribution in his or her field of study. Nominees are evaluated on the basis of the impact of their research in a given area, and the college research committee makes the final selection.


2018: Justin Birru, Finance
2017: Tracy Dumas, Management and Human Resources
2016: Kewei Hou, Finance
2015: Aravind Chandrasekaran, Management Sciences
2014: Berk A. Sensoy, Finance
2013: Rebecca Walker Reczek, Marketing and Logistics 
2012: Robert Lount, Management and Human Resources
2011: John Gray, Management Sciences 
2010: Isil Erel, Finance
2009: Howard Klein, Management and Human Resources 
2008: Jay Anand, Management and Human Resources 
2007: Henrik Cronqvist, Finance 
2006: Keely Croxton, Marketing and Logistics 
2006: Mona Makhija, Management and Human Resources 
2005: Nicholas Hall, Management Sciences 
2003: Peter Ward, Management Sciences 
2002: Jill Ellingson, Management and Human Resources 
2002: Robert Burnkrant, Marketing and Logistics 
2001: John Current, Management Sciences 
2001: G. Andrew Karolyi, Finance 
2000: Bernadette Minton, Finance 
1999: Zhiwu Chen 
1998: Nicholas Hall, Management Sciences 
1997: W.C. Benton, Management Sciences 
1996: Anil Arya, Accounting and MIS 
1995: Paul Schultz 
1994: David Wallin, Accounting and MIS 
1993: Paul Nutt, Management Sciences 
1992: Francis Longstaff 
1991: Greg Allenby, Marketing and Logistics 
1990: David Mayers 
1989: Jerald Greenberg, Management and Human Resources 
1988: Wansoo Rhee, Management Sciences 
1987: Peter Dickson 
1987: Lee Krajewski 
1986: Rene Stulz, Finance 
1985: Larry Ritzman 
1984: Marcia Miceli 
1983: Patric Hendershott 
1983: Alan Sawyer 
1982: Glenn Milligan, Management Sciences 
1981: Edward Kane 
1981: John Shank